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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

A to Z of Diamonds Glossary
Alphabetical list of main words and terms relating to diamond or diamonds, containing over 600 entries, with definitions, explanations and links to more detailed information.

FaceA flat or flattish side or plane, particularly in a rough diamond crystal.
Face UpRefers to the viewing angle of a polished diamond, so that the table faces approximately towards the viewer, rather than the viewer looking through the side of the stone.
Facet, FacetsThe flat surface or planes of a polished diamond.
Facetting, FacetingThe process of grinding and polishing flat faces or sides on diamonds.
FamousMost famous diamonds are so because of their impressively large size, others because of their colour, or a combination of these two factors.
Fancy ColourMost diamonds are near-colourless, but strongly coloured diamonds are rare and valuable, and are usually known as "fancies".
Fancy ShapeApplied to any shape diamond except round.
FAQs, F.A.Q.sMost frequently asked diamond questions should find their answers on this page, or linked from it.
FeatherThe apt description of a common type of diamond inclusion, an imperfection in the crystal structure of the diamond, believed to be due to stress, many amateurs call this a crack, and professionals may refer to it as a fracture, especially if it reaches the surface. Under magnification, it does appear very much like a feather. Can be quite transparent, or may be opaque and white.
Field, CharlesPartner of Henry Morse, who developed the first diamond bruting machine (to grind girdles), and other diamond cutting equipment.
Fifty Eight FacetsThe number of facets on a brilliant cut diamond, including the culet.
Fill, Filled, FillingRefers to the practice of filling open fissures in diamonds, usually with glass. It is not entirely satisfactory, and we would not recommend it. It should always be notified to the buyer, to do otherwise would be dishonest and fraudulent.
Finger, FingersThe "Ring Finger" is the third finger on each hand, but the left hand is the conventional finger for a wedding ring, engagement ring, or eternity ring. De Beers have recently started promoting the "RIght Hand Ring".
FinishA word which is loosely used to imply the quality of polish and symmetry on a diamond.
FireThe bright flashes of coloured light given off by diamonds due to their differential refraction of light, known as dispersion.
Fire Rose CutOne of a number of "flower cuts" developed by Gaby Tolkowsky in about 1997 for De Beers.
Firestone Firestone Diamonds plc is a UK-based international diamond mining and exploration company with operations in the Namaqualand region of South Africa, Botswana and the United States.
Fish Eye, FisheyeA detrimental optical effect in diamonds which are cut too shallow, particularly with a shallow pavilion, or with an overlarge table. An opaque whiteish area is actually an reflection of the girdle, but it does detract from the appearance of the stone.
FissureA crack, gletz, feather, possibly reaching to the surface.
Flash EffectAn optical effect seen in fracture filled diamonds which is a useful diagnostic.
FlatA lapidaries lapping wheel (lap) for grinding or polishing gemstones, and is often impregnated with diamond. A flat or relatively shallow piece of diamond rough.
FlatsA term used in grading rough diamonds, applied to diamond crystals of irregular shape with flat parallel sides like pieces of broken glass.
Flat Screen TVsUsing diamond dust may lead to cheaper wide and flat screen monitors and LCD TV screens, according to University of Bristol and Advance Nanotech.
FlawIn inclusion or other feature which is visible or reduces clarity in diamonds or other gems.
FlawlessWithout any inclusions or features adversely affecting clarity.
FlorentineThe name of a large famous diamond.
FluorescenceOften mis-spelt as flourescence by those who should know better. The emission of visible light displayed by some diamonds and other gems when viewed in ultra-violet or other light. Cause frequent concern by consumers on discovering that one diamond or more in a cluster glow under "disco" lighting.
For a Few Dollars MoreHow al Qaeda moved into the diamond trade, 1993 report by Global Witness.
ForeverWord connected with diamonds by the Ayer advertising agency in the phrase "A Diamond is Forever", also celebrated in a song of similar name "Diamonds are Forever" sung by Shirley Bassey in the 1971 James Bond film of the same name.
Four CsThe four well-known factors affecting the price of a diamond.
FractureAn inclusion in a diamond, usually one reaching the surface.
Fracture Fill, Filled, FillingA non-permanent and less than ideal method of improving the apparent clarity of diamonds by filling cracks in them with glass.
Full CutWith 58 facets, i.e. usually a brilliant cut, and usually round.

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