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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

A to Z of Diamonds Glossary
Alphabetical list of main words and terms relating to diamond or diamonds, containing over 600 entries, with definitions, explanations and links to more detailed information.

Gabrielle CutA "triple brilliant cut" with 105 facets developed by Gaby (Gabi) Tolkowsky in about 1997.
GAGTL, G.A.G.T.L.Gemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain. Now Gem-A.
Gauge, GaugesAny of various devices and instruments used to estimate the weight of diamonds, by measuring or estimating physical dimensions, such as diameter, depth, length. Some are better than others.
GE, G.E. General ElectricIn 1955 the GE Research Laboratory announced the invention of the first reproducible process for making diamonds, a process that became the basis for GE's man-made industrial diamond business, which today is one of the world’s major sources of industrial diamond abrasives. In 2000 GE Gem Technologies integrate high pressure / high temperature technology with knowledge of diamond structure to eliminate impurities and restore the color of rare high-purity diamonds, and market them as Bellataire Diamonds.
GemSmall article of great value or beauty, gemstone.
Gem-AGemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain. Previously known as GAGTL, G.A.G.T.L..
Gem Defensive ProgrammeDescribed by Wired ( as a none too subtle campaign to warn jewelers and the public about the arrival of manufactured diamonds.
GemesisManufacture and market "Gemesis Cultured Diamonds, based in Sarasota, Florida, USA.
Gemmologist, GemologistA person with expertise in gemmology, a gemstone expert. There are formal qualifications, such as F.G.A. (Fellow of the Gemmological Association) in the UK.
GemstoneAny organic or inorganic mineral or material, excluding metal, which is used to decorative effect in jewellery. Some argue that only natural, rare or valuable items should be included
GE POLLaser inscription on girdle of HPHT treated diamonds marketed by General Electric Company and Pegasus Overseas Limited. The GE POL name was briefly changed to Monarch, and then to Bellataire in 2000.
GeraldFamous member of the Ratner family, became Managing Director of his family's established retail jewellery business, expanded it greatly, acquiring H. Samuel and others, but was blamed for the share price drop after his "total crap" and other comments. Now operates as geraldonline, and is believe to be subject to an agreement barring him from using the Ratner name.
Getter, NitrogenA "nitrogen getter" is an agent to attract and absorb nitrogen when growing synthetic diamonds, to obtain colourless diamonds rather than yellow ones. Aluminium has proved to be effective.
GIA, G.I.A.The Gemological Institute of America. Styles itself as the world's leading authority on diamonds and other gemstones. Market leader for diamond and gem certificates by virtue of its location and size.
GIA in Grading Scam 
Gipsy, Gypsy SettingThe gypsy setting is a recessed setting in which the stone is sunk into the metal. There are often engraved designs around the stone (especially star patterns). This type of setting was developed in the late 1800's and was often used for rings. The gypsy setting is also known as the "star setting."
GirdleThe widest part of most diamonds, the middle between the crown and pavilion. May be rough (matt), polished or facetted. Even if facetted, it is only counted as one facet.
Girdle FacetAny of the facets adjacent to the girdle on a brilliant cut or other diamond, split into upper (crown) girdle facets, and lower (pavilion) girdle facets.
GletzDutch or Afrikaans for feather. Also spelt glatts, glatze, gles, and glets.
Global WitnessAn organisation set up in 1993 by three individuals to counter conflict and corruption in countries often rich in resources, and promote the welfare of the resident population.
Global Witness ReportsVarious reports by Global Witness into a number of unsavoury aspects of the exploration extraction and exploitation section of the diamond industry, leading to the Kimberley Process.
GoldYellow precious metal used in most jewellery in various alloys.
Golden JubileeThe largest faceted diamond in the world, weighing 545.67 carats.
GoodsAn expression sometimes used by diamond dealers meaning "diamonds".
GradeA recognised measure of an aspect of quality, mainly clarity and colour, but can also be applied to proportion and other aspects.
GradingThe process of appraising a diamond, and allocating grades to it.
GrainDiamond crystal have different strength bonds in different directions. These directions are known as grain rather like the grain in wood. Also an obsolescent unit of weight, equal to a quarter carat or 0.042 pennyweight, 0.002083 troy ounce, 0.0648 grams.
GrainerA quarter carat (approximately) diamond. A two-grainer would weight about a half carat, a three-grainer about 0.75 carats, and a four-grainer about one carat, etc.
Graining Internal Graining refers to internal irregular crystal growth. May appear milky, like faint lines or streaks, colored or reflective.
GreaseDiamonds have an affinity for grease and oil. They act as "grease magnets". Grease and oil on the surface of diamonds reduces their effective RI and therefore their brilliance.
Grease TablesBecause diamonds stick to grease, grease table are used in diamond mines, and have been since 1896, to help separate diamonds from crushed rock.
Great Chrysanthemum A 198.28-carat fancy brown pear shaped diamond.
GreenA rare colour of diamond.
GritSmall pieces of rough diamond, used as industrial abrasives, may be natural or synthetic.
GuineaThis west African country is currently about the world's tenth largest diamond producer by value.
GyémántGyémánt is the Hungarian word for diamond.

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