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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

A to Z of Diamonds Glossary
Alphabetical list of main words and terms relating to diamond or diamonds, containing over 600 entries, with definitions, explanations and links to more detailed information.

Radiant CutRadiant cuts combine the best of brilliant cuts, with a square emerald cut outline.
Rap, RapaportMartin Rapaport produces the Rapaport Diamond Report, a monthly magazine, and the world's leading trade diamond price list, diamond & jewellery news and information source.
Ratner, Ratner'sTrade mark owned by Signet Group PLC, owners of H. Samuel, Ernest Jones, and others.
Ray A thin line or narrow beam of light.
RedOne of the rarest, and most desirable colours for diamond.
Red CrossA famous diamond, strangely enough it is yellow.
ReflectionImportant optical effect, whereby light bounces off a surface.
RefractionImportant optical effect, the deviation of light when it passes from one medium to another, e.g. air to diamond. See Refractive Index.
Refractive Index, RI, R.I.A measure of the amount by which light will be refracted by a particular by a particular medium.
Rhodium, Rhodium PlatingRhodium is a highly reflective silvery precious metal, one of the platinum group of metals, often used to plate over "white" gold alloys to enhance their whiteness, in and around diamond settings. Not usually needed on platinum.
Rise and Fall of DiamondsBook by Edward Jay Epstein.
RiverObsolescent colour grading term from the SCAN DN (Scandinavian) system, equivalent to D and E colours in the GIA scale.
RoughRough is the word used to describe all uncut or unpolished diamonds.
RTZ, R.T.Z., Rio Tinto ZincThe third largest diamond prospecting company. Owns the Argyle mine in Western Australia, Diavik in Canada, & Murowa project in Zimbabwe.
RussiaRussia overtook Botswana as the largest exporter of diamonds by volume in 2003. It's diamond production and trade figures were secret until recently.
Ryan ThompsonEditor of the "Famous Diamonds" website (on tripod), still the best website about its subject, large and famous diamonds. Much copied by many commercial jewellers and would-be experts.

There are currently over 600 entries in this table.
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