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Dirty Diamonds
Dirty diamonds is the new song and album from Alice Cooper released July 4th 2005, but 'dirty diamonds' also describes gemstones from conflict areas.

Dirty Diamonds Album Tracks
Woman Of Mass Distraction
You Make Me Wanna
Dirty Diamonds
The Saga Of Jesse Jane
Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)
Pretty Ballerina
Run Down The Devil
Steal That Car
Six Hours
Your Own Worst Enemy
Zombie Dance
The Sharpest Pain

Dirty Diamonds Lyrics
It looked so good, your perfect plan
You had to get greedy to be the man
Now you're holding the bag, paying the price
Gonna get burned by the heat of the ice

Dirty diamonds

You rolled the dice, you bet your life
You put your trust in your trophy wife
Got stabbed in the back in the blink of an eye
She's in bed with the boys and the FBI

Dirty Diamonds - Keep Them Clean
In everyday wear, diamonds in a ring get dirty, the main causes are oil and grease, from the skin, skin cream, cooking, everywhere. Diamonds love grease. It is quite important to keep a diamond clean if you want it to sparkle. A clean £1,000 diamond will outshine a greasy £2,000 one. Warm soapy water works well, a quick scrub with an old toothbrush also helps. You can use one of the new domestic ultrasonic cleaning tanks which are now widely available.

Dirty Diamonds - Ethical Issues
Diamonds from Liberia have been the subject of UN action and the Kimberley Process. More about conflict diamonds later.

Dirty Diamonds - The Book
"Dirty Diamonds" is also the name of a book by Betty Sullivan La Pierre. It seems it's about a fictional diamond heist. We have never read it, so can't comment.

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