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The Official ECU Collection

ecu set in presentation case
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Crowns Index
1994 andorra OBV ecu
Obverse of the 1994 Andorra Silver proof 10 Diners

1994 andorra ecu REV
Reverse of the 1994 Andorra Silver proof 10 Diners

1994 abdorra cert
1994 Andorra Silver proof 10 Diners Certificate

1995 gibraltar cupro nickel 28 ecus obv ecu
Obverse of the 1995 Gibraltar Cupro Nickel 28 Ecus

1995 cupro nickel gibraltar REV ecu
Reverse of the 1995 Gibraltar Cupro Nickel 28 Ecus

1995 gibraltar cupro nickel cert
1995 Gibraltar Cupro Nickel 28 Ecus Certificate

The Official ECU Collection
A collection of 24 coins commemorating the European Currency Unit. The ECU was a collection of currencies of the European Community member states, used as the unit of account of the European Community before being replaced by the euro on 1 January 1999.

Gibraltar28 ECU28.28Cupro-nickel 
Netherlands10 ECU22.30Cupro-nickel 
Malta10 ECU25.000.925 Silver0.7434
Isle of Man15 ECU10.000.925 Silver0.2973
Belgium50 ECU22.850.925 Silver0.6795
Finland20 ECU25.000.925 Silver0.7434
Austria25 ECU24.000.925 Silver0.7137
Luxembourg25 ECU22.850.925 Silver0.6795
Luxembourg25 ECU22.850.925 Silver0.6795
Portugal25 ECU28.000.925 Silver0.8327
Netherlands25 ECU25.000.925 Silver0.7434
Gibraltar14 ECU10.000.925 Silver0.2973
Andorra10 Diners ECU31.470.925 Silver0.9358
Luxembourg25 ECU22.850.925 Silver0.6795
Andorra10 Diners ECU31.470.925 Silver0.9358
Bulgaria1000 Leva ECU31.100.925 Silver0.9248
Spain5 ECU33.620.925 Silver0.9998
Andorra10 ECU31.470.925 Silver0.9358
Hungary1000 Forint ECU31.470.925 Silver0.9358
Andorra10 Diners ECU31.470.925 Silver0.9358
Gibraltar14 ECU10.000.925 Silver0.2973
Sweden20 ECUs27.030.925 Silver0.8038
Gibraltar14 ECU10.000.925 Silver0.2973
Hungary500 Forint ECU31.470.925 Silver0.9358
    Total Silver Weight16.027

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The Official ECU Collection

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