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Complete Collection in Presentation Box
Complete Collection in Presentation Box

Charles II
Reverse of Charles II Silver Ingot

Henry VIII
Henry VIII Silver Ingot

50 British Monarchs Commemorated in Silver Medallic Ingots
A Tribute to a Millennium of British Monarchy by John Pinches

Medallic Ingots in Sterling Silver
Starting in 1975 the famous medallists John Pinches created a set of Sterling Silver Medallic Ingots, depicting one thousand years of the British Monarchy.
Each ingot is beautifully engraved, measures 45mm long x 23mm high x 6.5mm deep, and contains over 2 ounces of Hallmarked Sterling Silver. The Obverse side of each shows the monarch's head, and a depiction of a famous scene from their reign, and the Reverse side gives information in raised lettering within a fancy border, of the ruler, date and event.
In addition there is an attractive (olive?) wood box designed to hold the collection which would be included with a purchase of the collection.
We can sometimes sell individual ingots separately, on request.

2Edward the Martyr975 - 978
3Aethelred II The Unready978 - 1016
4Edmund Ironside1016
5Canute1016 - 1035
6Harold Harefoot1035 - 1040
7Hardicanute1040 - 1042
8Edward the Confessor1042 - 1066
9Harold II1066
10William I1066 - 1087
11William II1087 - 1100
12Henry I1100 - 1135
13Stephen1135 - 1154
14Henry II1154 - 1189
15Richard I1189 - 1199
16John1199 - 1216
17Henry III1216 - 1272
18Edward I1272 - 1307
19Edward II1307 - 1327
20Edward III1327 - 1377
21Richard II1377 - 1399
22Henry IV1399 - 1413
23Henry V1413 - 1422
24Henry VI1422 - 1461
25Edward IV1461 - 1483
26Edward V1483
27Richard III1483 - 1485
28Henry VII1485 - 1509
29Henry VIII1509 - 1547
30Edward VI1547 - 1553
31Mary I1553 - 1558
32Elizabeth I1558 - 1603
33James I1603 - 1625
34Charles I1625 - 1649
35Cromwell1649 - 1658
36Charles II1660 - 1685
37James II1685 - 1688
38William and Mary1689 - 1694
39Anne1702 - 1714
40George I1714 - 1727
41George II1727 - 1760
42George III1760 - 1820
43George IV1820 - 1830
44William IV1830 - 1837
45Victoria1837 - 1901
46Edward VII1901 - 1910
47George V1910 - 1936
48Edward VIII1936
49George VI1936 - 1952
50Elizabeth II1952 -

Silver Content, Each1.97
Silver Content, Total98.31

Length, Width, Depth = dimensions in millimetres.
Weight = Gross weight in grams.
Silver Content = Actual intrinsic pure silver content in troy ounces.

1000 Years Of British Monarchy*

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