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Obverse of Silver Medallion - Electric Telegraph
Obverse of Silver Medallion - Electric Telegraph
Reverse of Silver Medallion - Electric Telegraph
Reverse of Silver Medallion - Electric Telegraph
Obverse of Silver Medallion - Tincan
Obverse of Silver Medallion - Tincan
Reverse of Silver Medallion - Tincan
100 Greatest Inventions of Mankind in Silver

DescriptionDiameterWeightAlloySilver Content Each
Individual Medallion3213.10.9250.3896
Complete Set 65.5 grams0.92538.96

1The Bow and Arrow
2The Drill Bow
4The Loom
5The Wheel
6The Potter's Wheel
7The Trap
8The Lever
9The Boat
10The Sail
12The Brick
13The Balance
14The Pulley Block
15The Screw Conveyor
16The Gimbal
17The Screw Press
18The Water Wheel
20The Windmill
21The Horse - Collar
22The Canal Lock
23The Compass
24The Spinning Wheel
26The Weight - Driven Clock
27The Printing Press
28The Powder Cannon
29The Microscope
30The Optical Telescope
31The Calculator
32The Barometer
33The Pendulum Clock
34The Thermometer
35The Air Pump
36The Sowing Machine
37The Flying Shuttle
38The Marine Chronometer
39The Sextant
40The Lightning Conductor
41The Steam Machine
42The Spinning Jenny
43The Balloon
44The Puddling Process
45The Mechanical Loom
47The Cotton Gin
48The Ball Bearing
49The Support Lathe
52The Harvesting Machine
54The Tin Can
55The Steam Locomotive
56The Mechanical Press
57The Steamship
58The Electric Telegraph
59The Electric Battery
60The Ships Propeller
61The Sewing Machine
63The Dynamo
64The Bessemer Converter
65The Typewriter
67The Four - Stroke Engine
68The Refrigerator
69The Talking Machine
70The Telephone
71The Electric Light
72The Electric Locomotive
73The Steam Turbine
74The Automobile
75Artificial Silk
76The Punched - Card Machine
77The Airship
78Oxy - Acetylene Welding
79The Cinemato - Graph
80The Diesel Engine
81The Motor - Driven Aeroplane
83The Amplifier Tube
84The Synthesis of Ammonia
85The Facsimile Telegraph
86The Cyclotron
87The Wireless Telegraph
88X - Ray Apparatus
90The Radio - Telescope
91The Electron Microscope
93Jet Propulsion
94The Long - Range Rocket
95The Transistor
96Colour TV
97The Nuclear Reactor
98The Electronic Computer
99The Laser
100The Artificial Earth Satellite

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