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Birth Of Venus
John Pinches 100 Greatest Works of Art in Silver Collection Box
Madonna With Child & Angels
Madonna & Child with Angels
Leonardo  Da Vinci's Mona Lisa
Rembrant 2
Leonardo  Da Vinci's Mona Lisa
The Last Judgement
Leonardo  Da Vinci's Mona Lisa
Birth Of Venus
100 Great Works of Art Re-Created in Metal
A Tribute to the World's Greatest Artists by John Pinches
Medallic Art in Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Starting in 1974 the famous medallists John Pinches created a set of Sterling Silver Medallions, depicting one hundred of the greatest works of art of all time. Each medallion is, in our opinion, a beautifully engraved rendition of the original, with very sensitive cropping to suit the round format of the medallion. These are large medallions, diameter 50mm (over 2"), and containing over 2 ounces of Hallmarked Sterling Silver. The Obverse side of each shows the artwork, and the Reverse side shows details in raised lettering within a classical wreath, of the title, date and artist.
In addition there is an attractive wooden cabinet designed to hold the collection which would be included with a purchase of the collection.

1Queen NefertitiCa. 1365 B.C.
2The Virgin Of The RocksCa 1485 Leonardo Da Vinci
3Sunflowers1888 Vincent Van Gogh
4The Ecstasy Of St. Theresa1645 - 1652 Gian Lorenzo Bernini
5The Birth Of VenusCa. 1480 Sandro Botticelli
6Marcus AureliusA.D. 161 - 180 Roman
7Breezing Up1876 Winslow Homer
8Book Of Kells9th Century Irish
9The Kiss1886 - 1898 Auguste Rodin
10T'ang Dynasty HorseCa. 618 - 906 Chinese
11The Expulsion From ParadiseCa. 1425 Masaccio
12The Laughing Cavalier1624 Frans Hals
13The Death Of Marat1793 Jacques-Louis David
14Return Of The Hunters1565 Pieter Bruegel The Elder
15PoseidonCa. 460 - 450 B.C. Greek
16Garden Of DelightsCa. 1500 Hieronymus Bosch
17Erasmus Of RotterdamCa. 1523 Hans Holbein The Younger
18Liberty Leading The PeopleEugene Delacroix
19Portrait Of Charles I Of EnglandCa. 1635 Anthony Van Dyck
20Pastoral ConcertCa. 1510 Giorgione
21CharioteerCa. 470 B.C. Greek
22The Raft Of The Medusa1818 - 1819 Theodore Gericault
23Mona Lisa1503 Leonardo Da Vinci
24The AnnunciationCa. 1440 - 1450 Fra Angelico
25A Sunday Afternoon On The Grande Jatte1884 - 1886 Georges Seurat
26Portrait Of Francis I1524 Jean Clouet
27Fur Traders On The MissouriCa. 1845 George Caleb Bingham
28Burial Of Count Orgaz1586 El Greco
29Water Nymph (Fountain Of The Innocents)1548 - 1549 Jean Gougon
30HorsemanCa. 440 B.C. Greek
31The Third Of May 1808Goya
32Praying HandsAlbrecht Durer
33Ram in TreeCa. 2600 BC Sumerian
34The Discus ThrowerCa. 450 B.C. Myron
35The Arnolfini Wedding1434 Jan Van Eyck
36Bather1808 Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
37The Last Supper1592 - 1594 Tintoretto
38Henry VIII - (Pictured above)1540 Hans Holbein The Younger
39HermesCa. 330 - 320 B.C. Praxiteles
40The Gleaners1857 Jean-Francois Millet
41The Descent From The CrossCa. 1435 Rogier Van Der Weyden
42Beau Dieu (detail)13th Century French
43Mary Magdalene With A Night Light1630 - 1635 Georges De La Tour
44DavidCa. 1430 - 1432 Donatello
45The Last Judgement1534 - 1541 Michelangelo
46Burial Of Phocion1648 Nicolas Poussin
47The School Of Athens1510 - 1511 Raphael
48Apollo Belvedere330 B.C. Greek
49Max Schmitt In A Single Scull1871 Thomas Eakins
50The CrucifixionCa. 1510 - 1515 Matthias Grunewald
51Christ Healing The SickCa. 1649 Rembrandt Van Rijn
52Ama-No-Hashidate15th Century Sesshu
53Madonna And Child With AngelsCa. 1465 Fra Filipo Lippi
54Pauline Borghese As Venus1808 Antonio Canova
55The Night Watch1642 Rembrandt Van Rijn
56St. SebastianCa. 1455 - 1460 Andrea Mantegna
57The Venus De Milo2nd Century B.C. Greek
58Oath Of The Horatii1784 Jacques Louis David
59Duke Of Urbino1465 Piero Della Francesca
60The Flight Into Egypt1304 - 1312 Giotto
61The Artist's Studio1854 - 1855 Gustave Courbet
62The Story Of Jacob And EsauCa. 1435 Lorenzo Ghiberti
63Prima BallerinaCa. 1876 Edgar Degas
64The Blue BoyCa. 1870 Thomas Gainsborough
65Luncheon On The Grass 18631863 Edouard Manet
66Apollo Of VeiiCa. 510 B.C. Etruscan
67Still Life C. 1890Ca. 1890 Paul Cezanne
68The Last SupperCa. 1495 - 1497 Leonardo Da vinci
69La Dame A La LicorneCa. 1490 - 1500 French
70Portrait Of Susanna FourmentCa. 1490 Peter Paul Rubens
71The Four Horsemen Of The ApocalypseCa. 1497 - 1498 Albrecht Durer
72Nude Maja Ca. 1807Ca. 1807 Goya
73Victory Of Samothrace Ca. 190 B.C.Ca. 190 B.C. Greek
74Great Wave Off The Coast Of KanagawaCa. 1820 - 1830 Hokusai
75D'ou Venons Nous? Que Sommes-Nous? Ou Allons-Nous?1897 Paul Gaugin
76Buste D' VoltaireCa. 1779 Jean-Antoine Houdon
77The Battle Of San RomanoCa. 1456 - 1459 Paolo Uccello
78BacchusCa. 1456 Caravaggio
79Nike Adjusting Her SandalCa. 410 B.C. Greek
80David1501 - 1504 Michelangelo
81Le Moulin De La Galette1876 Pierre Auguste Renoir
82The Annunciation1333 Simone Martini
83Self Portrait1889 Vincent Van Gogh
84The Maids of Honour1656 Velázquez
85The Battle of the Ten Naked Men1465 - 1470 Antonio del Pollaiuolo
86Venus of Urbino1538 Titian
87Augustas of Prima PortaCa. 20 BC Roman
88Empress Theodora and her AttendantsCa. 547 Byzantine
89Equestrian Monument of ColleoniCa. 1483 - 1488 Andrea del Verrocchio
90The LetterCa. 1666 Jan Vermeer
91George WashingtonCa. 1796 Gilbert Stuart
92Pietà1498 - 1499 Michelangelo
93The Fighting TéméraireJoseph Mallord William Turner
94Standing Hornblower1550 - 1680 African
95The Sistine MadonnaCa. 1513 - 1513 Raphael
96April From Les Trés Riches Heures Du Duc De BerryCa. 1413 - 1416 The Limbourg Brothers
97Prince Baltasar Carlos on HorsebackCa. 1635 Velázquez
98The SwingCa. 1766 Jean Honoré Fragonard
99The Creation of Adam1508 - 1512 Michelangelo
100Standing Buddha from MathuraCa 5th Century Indian

Diameter51 mm
Weight65.5 grams
Silver Content Each1.95 troy ounces
Silver Content Total195 troy ounces

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