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Obverse of 1607-1609 James I Shilling
Obverse of 1607-1609 James I Shilling

Reverse of 1607-1609 James I Shilling
Reverse of 1607-1609 James I Shilling

1607-1609 James I Hammered Shilling
James I Stuart (or James VI of Scotland) inherited the throne from the childless Elizabeth I in 1603, moving from Edinburgh to London. James I was a renowned intellectual of the period, authoring several books, including one on witchcraft called 'Daemonology' and the 'Basilikon Doron' which expounded his theory on the divine right of kings. He also commissioned an English translation of the bible which is still commonly refered to today as the 'King James Bible'. Unfortunately, through modern eyes, much of his intellectual output proved to have a destructive influence during the course of his reign and for many years afterward. His ideas about witchcraft contributed to the anti-witch hysteria of the time, and led to many innocent people being hanged or burned to death for 'witchcraft' after being tortured into confessing. His theory on the 'Divine Right of Kings' influenced his son Charles to attempt to rule without reference to Parliament, leading to a bloody Civil War which killed a proportion of the British population which was unsurpassed until World War I, and led to the eventual downfall of the House of Stuart.
In numismatic terms, James I was the first monarch to refer to himself as the 'King of Great Britain' or 'Magna Britannia'. He also introduced a gold coin called 'The Unite', and a similar coin known as the 'Unit' in scotland, worth 20 English Shillings, to symbolise the unification of the two kingdoms under one crown.

Our example was issued as part of the second coinage featuring the fourth bust of James I.

Crowned bust of James I, facing right, with XII behind, with the inscription:

Square topped Royal Shield, with the inscription:
(What God hath joined together let no man put asunder)

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1607-1609Fourth Bust, Coronet MintmarkFine2655Yes£95$150

*Price correct as of 2013

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