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Obverse of 1662 Charles II Crown
Obverse of 1662 Charles II Crown
Reverse of 1662 Charles II Crown
Reverse of 1662 Charles II Crown

Charles II Crowns
Charles crowns were issued for circulation in 1662. This Crown is of the first type, and was one of the first coins of the early milled issues, struck when the Royal Mint transfered to mill striking permanently after centuries of hammer struck coin production.

Charles II
After King Charles I was executed in 1649, the English monarchy was replaced by the Commonwealth of England, and later, the Protectorate. King Charles II became the first sovereign to rule once the monarchy was restored in 1660.

The obverse shows a portrait of Charles II.
The legend reads:
CAROLUS II DEI GRATIA (Charles II by the Grace of God)

The reverse design is a Royal Coat of Arms.
The reverse legend reads:

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