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Obverse of 1746 George II Crown
Obverse of 1746 George II Crown - Older Bust

Reverse of George II Crown
Reverse of 1746 George II Crown

George II Crowns
The silver crowns of George II are very interesting. There are two different portraits used, the young head bust used from 1732 to 1741, followed by the older bust used from 1743 to 1751.
This particular example of a George II old head Crown is a "Lima" issue. Lima coins of George II are particularly interesting for people interested in the 'history in your hand' aspect of numismatics. They were minted in 1745-46 using a large hoard of silver captured from the Spanish by Admiral Anson's squadron operating in the Pacific Ocean. The word "Lima" engraved under the bust is a reference to the fact that the Spanish silver was being shipped from Lima back to Spain when it was intercepted by Anson.
A fascinating piece for anyone interested in Naval History as well as numismatics. For more information on 'Lima' coins, see our Lima page.

Second Bust
Similar but with older portrait engraved by Johann Sigismund Tanner, and with the same inscription.

The reverse design shows four crowned shields, as introduced on crowns of Charles II onwards. The shields bear the coat of arms of the Duchy of Brunswick and Luneburg, France, Scotland and England, and Ireland.

Weight30 grams
Diameter39 mms.

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