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Obverse of Wellington Medallion
Reverse of Wellington Medallion
Wellington Medallion
This copper medallion may have been issued as a halfpenny token.
It is struck in copper and weighs 8 grams, and is a size similar to that of many halfpenny tokens issued between 1878 to 1800. It catalogues seven of Wellington's military victories between 1808 and 1812 in the peninsular war. We believe it was issued sometime in 1813 by J.K. Picard of Hull.
They were probably issued during tht campaign as a halfpenny token to pay the British troops, and were later used in Canada, which partly explains why they are also listed as Canadian tokens. A number of varieties exist, with varying weights, and some in different metals.

Bust of the Duke of Wellington facing left, in military uniform, with the Latin inscription:-
HISPANIA MET LUSITANIAM RESTITUIT WELLINGTON which translates as (Wellington restored Spain and Portugal)

Inscription in the centre in nine lines:-
JAN 19 1812.
APRIL 2 . 1812.
JULY 22 . 1812
AUG 12 . 1812.

Round the edge (outer circle):-
VIMIERA AUG 21 . 1808. TALAVERA JULY 28 . 1809. ALMEIDA MAY 5 . 1811

Diameter 27 mms.
Weight 8 grams.

The Duke of Wellington
Arthur Wellesley was born in 1769 in Dublin. After attending a military academy in Angers, he spent about 30 years in military service, and is best remembered for this victory over Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815 at Waterloo. He later became a Member of Parliament, at one time as Prime Minister. He is also known as the "Iron Duke".

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