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Reverse of Victoria Cumberland Jack 1837
"Obverse of 1837 Victorian 'Cumberland Jack' Token
Obverse of Victoria Cumberland Jack 1837
Reverse of 1837 Victorian Cumberland Jack 'To Hanover' Token
1837 Victorian 'Cumberland Jack' Token
These are a common find in boxes of household junk, old drawers, and accumulations and collections of coins. They are made of brass, probably as a satyrical gaming token. When Queen Victoria acceded to the British throne, she could not assume the Hanoverian throne, as this was restricted to male succession only. Her relative the Duke of Cumberland therefore succeeded in her place. Apparently he was quite unpopular, and this jeton was issued as a humorous comment on his departure from the British Isles.

Crude young head portrait of Queen Victoria, facing left, with her hair in her familiar "bun". This portrait is very similar to that which appears on the young head sovereigns of Victoria, with the legend (inscription)

A man, supposed to represent the Duke of Cumberland, in crude imitation of a gold sovereign, with the legends:-

Diameter mms.
Weight grams.

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