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Obverse of 1897 Victoria Old Head Crown
Obverse of 1897 Crown

Reverse of 1897 Victorian Old Head Crown
Reverse of 1897 Crown

The Veiled or Old Head Design
The Victoria Old Head obverse design was used on crowns from 1893 until 1900 . It was the third major portrait type of Victoria's reign. Called by some the widow head, this is not particularly accurate as Prince Albert had died in 1861, and the old head was not used until 1893. It is also frequently and accurately known as the veiled head.
The crown was still very much a currently circulating coin, as most examples of crowns from this period occur in heavily worn condition. We offer specimens for sale from our stock in various grades.

Older, veiled portrait of Queen Victoria, crowned, facing left. The engraver's initials T.B. appear raised beneath the head.

The reverse features Benedetto Pistrucci's magnificent design of St. George on horseback slaying the dragon, first used on gold sovereigns of George III in 1817. The initials B.P. appear in the exergue to the right of the date.
There is no legend on the reverse, apart from the date in the exergue.

The edge is inscribed in raised lettering, with six pointed stars as separators:
Followed by the regnal date in Roman numerals. For every year, there are two different regnal years on the edge, coins issued in the first half of each year bearing one date, and in the second half of the year, the next date.

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