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Obverse of 1902 Copper Coronation Medallion
Edward VII on Obverse of 1902 Copper Coronation Medallion

Reverse of 1902  Coronation Medallion
Queen Alexandra on Reverse of 1902 Copper Coronation Medallion

1902 Coronation Medallion in Presentation Box
Queen Alexandra on Reverse of 1902 Copper Coronation Medallion

Official Coronation Medallion Edward VII 1902
This medallion was issued to commemorate the coronation of Edward VII on the 9th August 1902. It was struck by the Royal Mint, and was produced in two sizes, and three metals, gold, silver and copper. The specimen in our photograph is in copper, and measures 56 mms. in diameter.

The obverse shows a portrait of Edward, by the engraver G. W. De Saulles, with the inscription: EDWARD VII CROWNED 9 AUGUST 1902

The reverse shows a portrait, also by De Saulles, of Queen Alexandra, and the inscription: ALEXANDRA QUEEN CONSORT
9 AUGUST 1902

Sizes and Metals
56 mmGold861100 (+/-).9166 
31 mmGold2,72813 (+/-).9166 
56 mmSilverYes*85.2.9252.5338
31 mmSilverYes*15 (+/-).9250.5 (+/-)
56 mmCopperYes*78 (+/-)  
31 mmCopperNo   

Diameter = Diameter in millimetres
Weight = Approximate weight in grams
Alloy = Fineness = millesimal fineness.
AMW = Actual fine precious metal content in troy ounces.
Yes* = The quantity issued in not known.

Date Variations
These medallions are found with two different dates, 26th June 1902, and 9th August 1902. This is because the coronation was originally scheduled for the earlier date, but Edward had to undergo an emergency appendectomy operation, so the coronation was postponed until the later date. Compare this with the 1902 Coronation Blackpool Medallion.

Presentation Box
The medallions were issued complete with a red leather case, inscribed in gold leaf with a crowned "ER VII" cypher, and:-
19 02

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