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1957 Selected Grade Coin Set in Chard Presentation Case
1957 Selected Grade Coin Set in Chard Presentation Case

1957 Coin Sets

Eight Coins Issued
1957 was the third year of issue for coins of Elizabeth II, although she acceded in 1952, because 1953 was her Coronation year, it is easier to find mint condition coins of that year, 1957 is much more difficult.
The Eight denominations issued in 1957 were halfcrown, florin, English shilling, Scottish shilling, sixpence, threepence, halfpenny and farthing.

Official Coin Sets
Way back in 1957, the Royal Mint were not in the habit of issuing proof or uncirculated coin sets every year. It was not until 1970 that they started to issue coin sets every year for sale to collectors.

Eight Coin Sets
We can offer sets of 8 coins in selected or near mint condition, packaged in an attractive blue card.

Coins Issued
HalfcrownCrowned ShieldYes
FlorinRose within Garland of Thistles and ShamrocksYes
English ShillingThree LionsYes
Scottish ShillingOne LionYes
SixpenceIntertwined Rose, Thistle, Shamrock & LeekYes
ThreepenceCrowned PortcullisYes
Half PennyShipYes

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ItemGradeCoins in SetPackaging
1957 Coin SetSelected8Chard

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Selected Coin Set

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