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Sir Winston Spencer Churchill on Gold Medallion
Sir Winston Spencer Churchill on Gold Medallion
Reverse of Gold Churchill Medallion
Reverse of Gold Churchill Medallion
1965 Churchill Gold Medal by Spink & Son in Box
1965 Churchill Gold Medal by Spink & Son in Presentation Box

1965 Churchill Gold Medallion Certificate

1965 Churchill Gold Medallion Certificate

1965 Churchill Memorial Gold Medal by Spink & Son of London
Large (57 mms) gold medallion, of Sir Winston Churchill, struck in 22 carat gold by Spink, with David Low's 'Very well, alone' cartoon on reverse.

One of Many
In 1965 a number of medallists produced medals or medallions of Sir Winston Churchill, in gold, silver or bronze.
The medal we feature on this page is by Spink & Son of London, for many years one of the leading UK coin dealers.

This is an impressive large medal with a facing portrait of Churchill in high relief. Sir Winston is shown wearing a bow tie and sharply styled jacket; on a shelf behind him are a number of books, and a pot containing artists brushes.
In the exergue is the wording: WINSTON CHURCHILL
1874 - 1965
To the lower left of the portrait is the engraver's signature KOVACS.

The reverse features a engraving taken from a David Low cartoon, first published in the London Evening Standard, dated 18th June 1940, captioned in the exergue:
Also in the exergue, but smaller:
(left) LOW DES (right) SPINK FEC

Political cartoons by David Low
Although he was before our time, David Low was undoubtedly a very well known cartoonist at the time:

Low was one of Britain's greatest cartoonists. Active throughout the 30s and 40s, his work earned him a place on the Gestapo's deathlist, and he was asked by the foreign secretary to 'tone it down'. 110 drawings from mainly private collections are on display at Westminster Hall.
A cartoon by David Low for the Evening Standard, dated 18th June 1940 (just after the fall of France). The British soldier shakes his fist at the Luftwaffe bombers and the caption reads: 'Very well, Alone!' It sums up the official attitude of the British people to the events of the war at that time.

1965 Churchill Medallion by Spink "Very Well, Alone"57137.4522ct = 9164.0509

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