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Obverse of Medallion for the 900th Anniversary of the Westminster Abbey
Obverse of Medallion for the 900th Anniversary of the Westminster Abbey
Reverse of Westminster Abbey 900th Anniversary Medallion
Reverse of Westminster Abbey 900th Anniversary Medallion
1966 Westminster Abbey 900th Anniversary Medallion
Designed by renowned sculptor Michael Rizzello, this impressive medal or medallion was issued to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the founding of Westminster Abbey in 1065 / 1066.

In the centre, a large head of Edward the Confessor, surrounded by nine other portraits of notables including William I and Elizabeth I. There is no inscription on the obverse.

View of the facade of Westminster Abbey, with the inscription (legend) :-

The edge is is inscribed:
1065 - 1965
and also bears a serial number, and a London hallmark with date letter k, the maker's or sponsor's mark J.H.J., and a special Westminster Abbey mark.

Diameter57 mms.
Weight127.3 grams
Alloy916 (22 carat)
Fine Gold Content3.7517

Alloy = millesimal fineness, and carats.
Fine gold content = troy ounces.

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900th Anniversary Medallion Of Westminster

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