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Obverse of Churchill Gold Medallion
Obverse of Churchill Gold Medallion

Reverse of Churchill Gold Medallion

Reverse of Churchill Gold Medallion

Reverse of Churchill Gold Medallion

Reverse of Churchill Gold Medallion

Reverse of Churchill Gold Medallion

Reverse of Churchill Gold Medallion

1965 Churchill "Victory" Gold Medallion by Metalimport

Set of Four Medallions in 22ct Gold
Deluxe set of four Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Medallions, struck in 22 carat gold.
Comes complete with case and certificate.

Individual Medallion in 18ct Gold
An individual medallion in 18ct gold in a presentation folder with certificate.

Portrait of Churchill, surrounded by legend:-
1874 - 1965

The design on the reverse depicts Churchill's famous 'V' superimposed upon a British lion in front of the flags of the victor nations of World War II.
The word 'Victory' appears below.

Churchill Gold Medallion4029.900.9160.8806
Churchill Gold Medallion3015.020.9160.4423
Churchill Gold Medallion257.620.9160.2244
Churchill Gold Medallion224.000.9160.1178
Churchill Gold Medallion (Individual)257.840.7500.1890

Diameter = Diameter in millimetres
Weight = Approximate weight in grams
Fineness = millesimal fineness.
AMW = Actual fine precious metal content in troy ounces.

Prices & Availability
DescriptionAvailabilityPrice £
Four Medallion Collection in Original BoxYesAsk
Individual Medallion in Presentaton FolderYesAsk

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