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Obverse of 1975 Coin Set
Obverse of 1975 Coin Set
Reverse of 1975 Coin Set
Reverse of 1975 Coin Set
Presentation Cover of 1975 Royal Mint Proof Set
Presentation Cover of 1975 Royal Mint Proof Set
1975 Proof Coin Sets
Each year since 1970, the Royal Mint has produced special editions of coin sets for collectors, which are also ideal as gifts. We have a few of the 1975 United Kingdom coin sets, produced by the Royal Mint.
From 1970 to 1981 proof sets were the only type of coin set issued by the Royal Mint.

Six Coin Proof Set
"Proof" coins are specially struck with great care and attention. The dies are highly polished on the flat surfaces, with a frosted finish on the design, the blanks from which the coins are struck are also polished before striking (minting), so that the finished coins show their designs to the absolutely best effect. The raised relief parts of the design have a frosted finish, and stand out from the background (field) which has a mirror finish. Each coin is carefully inspected prior to packaging, and is guaranteed to be perfect and without any blemish.
Please note that most proof sets of this year will have some degree of surface "toning" or "tarnish".

1975 Proof Sets Contain:

The six circulating coins a 50 new pence, 10 new pence, 5 new pence, 2 new pence, 1 new penny, and half new penny.
All attractively packaged in a specially designed plastic case.

Coins Issued
Fifty Pence*BritanniaYes
Ten PenceLionYes
Five PenceCrowned ThistleYes
Two PencePlumesYes
Half PennyCrownYes

Notes on Table
Circulation = Whether the coin was also issued for circulation.
*Only in Royal Mint set

1975 Coin Sets
ItemGradeCoins in SetPackaging
1975 Coin Set Selected5Chard
1975 Coin SetProof6Royal Mint Plastic Case

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