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Obverse of 1976 Concorde Medallion
Obverse of 1976 Concorde Medallion
Reverse of 1976 Concorde Medallion
Reverse of 1976 Concorde Medallion
1976 Concorde Medallion in Presentation Box
1976 Concorde Medallion in Presentation Box
1976 Concorde Medallion Certificate
1976 Concorde Medallion Certificate
Concorde Medallion in Platinum
Concorde made its first scheduled flight on 24th May 1976, travelling from London to Washington in 3 hours 52 minutes. This important event marked a new era in aviation history, which with the recent scrapping of Concord by both British Airways and Air France, looks unlikely to be matched or surpassed in the near future.

Interestingly, the Russians built a competitor to Concord, the Tupolev T144, popularly known as Concordski. It was built using plans stolen from the French, had its first flight two months before Concorde, but had a bad safety record, and finished operating in 1985. Many people have already forgotten it.

Concorde Collectability
The demand for Concorde memorabilia seems to have grown recently with the announcement of Concorde's retirement. Perhaps many people who have flown Concorde wish to have a lasting souvenir, and those who have never flown Concorde, and now will never get the opportunity again, also wish to own a piece of aviation history. Who knows when supersonic passenger travel will next be available?

The obverse shows Concorde flying over the White House in Washington D.C., with the inscription.
JAN 21ST 1976

The reverse shows the American eagle taking off clutching laurel wreaths, with two flags in the background. There is no inscription except for the date 1976


Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Gross weight in grams.
Alloy = Platinum parts per thousand
AMW = Fine platinum content in troy ounces.

The medallion is in a leatherette box, with a certificate from the Pobjoy Mint, stating it to be the official Concorde Crownmedal, and one of only 50 issued in solid platinum.
There were also 2,500 issued in 22 ct gold on sterling silver, and 3,500 in solid sterling silver.

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1976 Official Concorde MedallionYes£2415$3795€Ask

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