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All Three Types of 1992 Fifty Pence Share a Common Obverse - The Fourth Portrait
Obverse of 1992 Silver Proof Fifty Pence
Reverse of Silver Proof Version of the European Community Fifty Pence Coin
Reverse of 1992 EEC Silver Proof Fifty Pence
Piedfort Silver Proof 50 Pence in Presentation Box
1992 EEC Silver Proof Fifty Pence in Presentation Box

European Community Design
In 1992, a fifty pence coin was issued to commemorate the United Kingdom's Presidency of the European Community, and the completion of the Single European Market.
The United Kingdom held the Presidency of the European Community during the second half of 1992.
The Single European Market came into effect on January 1st 1993.

Dual Dates
This is the first British coin to bear dual dates 1992 - 1993, rather than the normal single date.

The third portrait obverse design by Raphael Maklouf.

The beautifully worked reverse design, by sculptor Mary Milner Dickens, features a conference table seen from above, around which are arranged twelve chairs for the Council of Ministers. The United Kingdom is prominently represented at the head of the table with the table itself showing twelve stars, symbols of the European Community, place in the geographic positions of the capital cities of the twelve member countries. A network of lines uniting the stars signifies the links of trade and commerce within the Community.

VersionMintageIssue Price £
Uncirculated in Folder  
Silver Proof35,000 
Piedfort Silver Proof15,000 
Gold Proof1,250£345

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Silver Proof

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Piedfort Silver Proof

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1992/93 Fifty Pence Two Coin Set
1992/93 - 1994 Silver Proof Two Coin Set

Gold Proof
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