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Arctic Fox on Reverse of One Ounce Canadian Platinum $300
Arctic Fox on Reverse of One Ounce Canadian Platinum $300

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Obverse of One Ounce Canadian Coin in Platinum
Obverse of 1993 One Ounce Canadian Platinum $300

1993 Arctic Fox Platinum Proof Set

In 1993, the Royal Canadian Mint issued another set in their wildlife series of platinum proof coin sets featuring Canadian animals. The 1993 issue features the arctic fox, and comes housed in a fabric lined mahogany box.

According to the accompanying certificate:-

The Arctic Fox
The arctic fox (Alopex Lagopus), also known as the white fox, is found throughout the arctic circumpolar lands of the northern hemisphere.
With its compact body form, well-furred ears, and thick hair on the soles of its feet, it is perfectly equipped for life in the higher latitudes of North America. In fact, no other canid species lives as far north. Lemmings are its primary food source, but this clever fox also knows it will likely find leftovers from a polar bear's seal kill if it ventures onto the sea ice. In such a harsh environment where food is scarce, scavenging is a key survival skill! It is normally a solitary animal, except during the mating season or when it is lured to a feast.
As an opportunist, the arctic fox is very curious and will rarely run when it spots humans. It usually approaches to have a closer look!

All the reverse designs are by the Canadian wildlife artist Claudio D'Angelo.
One OunceA vixen and her three whelps in their summer pelage (coat).
Half OunceA lone fox surrounded by a land of ice.
Quarter OunceTwo grown foxes in their natural habitat.
Tenth OunceThe graceful profile of a fox.

Technical Specifications
Technical specifications are shown on our Canadian Platinum Wildlife Proof Sets page.

Price & Availability
Canadian platinum wildlife proof sets.
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DateDescriptionMintageAvailabilityGradePrice £Price $
1993Arctic Fox3,500*NoFDC in Box£1,295$2,440

* = Issue Limit

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