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1993 Crown Collection in Wooden Box
1993 Crown Collection in Wooden Box
Reverse of the 1993 Five Pound Crown
Reverse of the 1993 Five Pound Crown
Obverse of 1993 UK Coronation 40th Anniversary £5 Crown
Obverse of 1993 UK Coronation 40th Anniversary £5 Crown
1993 40th Anniversary Coronation Collection Certificate
1993 40th Anniversary Coronation Collection Certificate
1993 40th Anniversary Coronation Collection cover
1993 40th Anniversary Coronation Collection Cover
Coronation 40th Anniversary Silver Coin Collection
In 1993 the British Royal Mint produced an 18 coin set, being one silver proof crown from each of 18 different countries. From our copy of the Royal Mint Bulletin issue 48, dated autumn 1993, it is not possible to tell which countries would be participating in the issue, it's one of these minor details that the Royal Mint don't seem to consider important enough to tell their customers. What's more it was not possible to buy a complete collection in one go, as the set was only available "on subscription" at £29.50 per coin, except that the first coin was available for only £24.50, a "loss-leader" to get you hooked. this would have made a total of £526. To house the complete collection, there was a superb wooden box made of polished African walnut with a gold embossed lid which was supplied by the Royal Mint to collectors buying the entire set. Anybody buying from MDM Crown Collections or Westminster appears to have only got a blue flock covered box and push capsules instead of the superior screw ones.

Buying & Selling
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CountryDenominationDiameterWeightIssue Limit
Belize2 Dollars38.6128.28 grams10,000
Bhutan300 Ngultrum38.6128.28 grams10,000*
Cayman Islands5 Dollars38.6128.28 grams10,000*
ECCB East Caribbean StatesTen Dollars38.6128.28 grams10,000*
Falkland Islands50 Pence38.6128.28 grams10,000*
FijiTen Dollars34.0020.00 grams10,000*
The Gambia20 Dalasis38.6128.28 grams10,000*
GuernseyTwo Pounds38.6128.28 grams10,000*
JerseyTwo Pounds38.6128.28 grams10,000*
New ZealandFive Dollars38.6128.28 grams15,000
Niue20 Dollars38.6128.28 grams10,000*
Saint Helena + AscensionTwo Pounds38.6128.28 grams10,000*
Seychelles25 Rupees38.6128.28 grams10,000
Solomon Islands10 Dollars38.6128.28 grams50,000
Tonga1 Pa'Anga38.6128.28 grams10,000
Tuvalu$2038.6128.28 grams10,000*
United KingdomFive Pounds38.6128.28 grams25,000
Vanuatu50 Vatu38.6128.28 grams10,000

* = Subject to confirmation. the issue limit set was 10,000 complete collections.

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VersionAvailabilityPrice £Price $
Individual Coin Yes£Ask$Ask
Complete Set in Box Yes335$Ask

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