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1995 and 1998 Silver Proof Piedfort Two Coin Set
1995 and 1998 Silver Proof Piedfort Two Coin Set

Reverse of 1995 £2 Coin
Reverse of 1995 £2 Coin

Reverse of 1998 £2 Coin
Reverse of 1998 £2 Coin

1995 and 1998 Silver Proof Piedfort Two Coin Set

1995 £2 Coin - The United Nations
The Third Portrait
The obverse (head side) is the third major portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Raphael David Maklouf, FRSA.
It came into use in 1985 and continued until 1997 inclusive, a total of thirteen years.

Reverse Design
The special reverse design of the United Nations commemorative £2 coin shows flags of nations accompanying the 50th anniversary symbol. It has been created by the sculptor Michael Rizzello, who saw military service during and after the Second World War and therefore has personal experience of a world at war.
After demobilisation, Michael Rizzello studied at the Royal College of Art, winning the RCA Major Travelling Scholarship, and also in France and Italy, having been awarded the Prix de Rome for Sculpture.
Now a distinguished Past President of the Royal Society of British Sculptors, his association with the Royal Mint stretches back over more than thirty years, during which time he has designed coins and medals for a remarkable number of countries.
Of his design for the historic United Nations 50th Anniversary coin, he says:
"The flags clustered around the 50th Anniversary emblem are purely symbolic and I deliberately avoided any reference to numbers, individual member states or their perceived importance, simply, nations uniting around and into the United Nations".
Born in England of Italian parents, Michael Rizzello is truly an international sculptor. He was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1977 in the Queen's Silver Jubilee Honours List.

1998 £2 Coin
The Fourth Portrait
The obverse (head side) is the fourth major portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Ian Rank-Broadley.
It came into use in 1998 and continues today.

The intricate reverse design comprises four quite different, but complementary, concentric circles radiating outwards from the heart of the coin, and embodies mankind's extraordinary drive, determination and creative genius.
Representing the Iron Age, the inner disc carries the latent feature which, when the coin is tilted, changes the design of the metalwork pattern from a series of four separate whorls into a pattern featuring eight inter-twined whorls.
The first ring, with its arrangement of cogs, gears and wheels, represents the explosion of industrial development which is now referred to as the Industrial Revolution.
Symbolising the computer age, the final cupro-nickel ring is adorned with a pattern derived from a silicon chip, while the outer ring of nickel-brass, with its inter-connecting web of lines, represents the age of the Internet and the information superhighway.
With its continuing outward movement, the design of the 1998 £2 coin skilfully unites both past and present, and alludes to the possibilities the future may hold.

1995 & 1998 Silver Proof Piedfort Two Coin Set

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What's the Point
Quite what the Royal Mint had in mind when it issued this "set" or "pair" of coins, we will probably never understand, except they thought they might be able to sell some to collectors. There appears to be no logic in the pairing, and the two coins have no connection apart from both being £2 coins.

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