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1997 Silver Proof Pair of Fifty Pences in Presentation Box~
1997 Silver Proof Pair of Fifty Pences in Presentation Box

1997 Silver Proof Pair of Fifty Pences Certificate

1997 Silver Proof Pair of Fifty Pences Certificate

New Smaller Design
In 1997, fifty pence coins were issued in a new, smaller size.
The diameter was reduced from 30mm to 27.3mm, and the weight reduced also.

Part of a Continuing Process
This was part of a continuing process of adjusting the size and weight of the circulating coins of the UK, partly to reflect relatively lower values because of inflation. This has also been a world-wide trend.

1990 - 1997
The bronze coins had been drastically reduced in size and weight at decimalisation. The five pences were reduced in 1990, the ten pences in 1992, and now it was the turn of the fifty pence coins.
This year, 1997, the two pound coins were also reduced in size, although previously they had never circulated in any great quantities.

Both Sizes Issued
During 1997, both sizes of fifty pence were issued, as illustrated. Special collectors versions of both types were produced.

All 1997 coins carried the third portrait obverse, introduced in 1985, and designed by Ralph David Maklouf, FRSA.

The ordinary definitive design of fifty pence features Britannia on the reverse.
Britannia first appeared on Roman coins relating to Britain, re-appearing in 1672 under Charles II on halfpennies and farthings. She remained mainly on copper or bronze coins, before spreading onto the first copper pennies and twopences of 1797. When the reverse designs of the copper coins changed with decimalisation, Britannia moved to the fifty pence coins.


Notes on Table
Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Weight in Grams.

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SizeDescriptionQty IssuedAvailablePrice £Price $
PairSilver Proof10,304Ask£50$80

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