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1999 Crown & Britannia Two Coin Set
1999 Crown & Britannia Two Coin Set

Chariot Design on Reverse of 1999 Silver Britannia
Chariot Design on Reverse of 1999 Silver Britannia

Reverse of 1999 Silver Proof Millennium Crown
Reverse of 1999 Silver Proof Millennium Crown

1999 Crown & Britannia Two Coin Set
A two coin set featuring the 1999 Millennium silver proof five pound crown and the 1999 one ounce silver Britannia.

1999 Millennium Crown
With a denomination (face value) of five pounds, the Millennium Crown has been produced by the Royal Mint as a lasting souvenir of the occasion.

The obverse (head), which is dated 1999, bears the fourth major different portrait of the Queen, designed by Ian Rank-Broadley, and introduced in 1998.

Designed by Jeffery Matthews and modelled by Royal Mint engraver Robert Evans, the reverse of the coin perfectly captures the passage of time from this century into the new millennium.
The focal point of the design bears a representation of the British Isles with a pair of clock hands, pivoted on Greenwich and set at the crucial twelve o'clock position, with the important millennium dates of 1999 and 2000 incorporated either side.
In addition, the traditional beading around the outer edge has been transformed into the minutes and hours of a clock face, further enhancing the essential theme of the design. This is continued by the incuse edge inscription:-
taken from Shakespeare's The Tempest and recognising the dawn of the new millennium as an opportunity to look into the future.

1999 One Ounce Silver Britannia

In 1999, the silver Britannia repeated the Boudicca in chariot design used in 1997, but was only issued in the uncirculated bullion (non-proof) version, as opposed to 1997 when it was only issued in the proof version.

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1999 Crown & Britannia Two Coin Set

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