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Obverse of 1999 Rugby World Cup Silver Proof Two Pound
Obverse of 1999 Rugby World Cup Silver Proof Two Pound

Reverse of 1999 Rugby World Cup Silver Proof Two Pound
Reverse of 1999 Rugby World Cup Silver Proof Two Pound

1999 Silver Proof Two Pound in Presentation Box
1999 Silver Proof Two Pound in Presentation Box

Obverse of 1999 Rugby Hologram Two Pound Coin
1999 Piedfort Silver Proof Hologram Version in Presentation Box

1999 Rugby World Cup Two Pound Coin
In 1999, the Royal Mint produced a two pound coin commemorating the 1999 Rugby World Cup.

The Rugby World Cup 1999
A global event.
Since the first rugby world cup in 1987, the sport of rugby union has undoubtedly increased in popularity.
The rugby world cup brings nations together in the spirit of competition from all over the globe. Emerging nations as well as established rugby-playing countries strove to make the rugby world cup 1999 a festival of athleticism and sportsmanship.
A total of forty-one games was played during the tournament at eighteen different venues throughout Great Britain, Ireland and France.

Action from the games was broadcast in over 150 countries to an estimated audience in excess of three billion.
The final match was played at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.

Rugby Landmarks
1823 - According to tradition William Webb Ellis a boy at Rugby School, took the ball in his arms and ran with it, contributing to the ongoing evolution of the rugby game in the early 19th Century.
1871 - The first rugby international was played at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh between Scotland and England.
1883 - England won the first ever Triple Crown.
1884 - The first match was played at Cardiff Arms Park.
1895 - Emerging professionalism in the game of rugby union was stamped out. Some northern clubs broke away and formed the Northern Union, renamed the Rugby League in 1922.
1910 - The Five Nations Championship was played for the first time.
1981 - The Welsh Rugby Union celebrated the centenary of its formation.
1987 - The first Rugby World Cup was hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand won the Webb Ellis Cup.
1991 - The second Rugby World Cup was won by Australia at Twickenham. The competition was hosted by the Five Nations Rugby Unions.
1995 - In August, the International Rugby Board announced the game was to go "Open", beginning the age of true professionalism.
1999 - The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff was the venue for the Rugby World Cup 1999 final.

Kick Off
The Rugby World Cup 1999 was the biggest rugby tournament ever. Hosted by the Welsh Union, with assistance from the English, French, Irish and Scottish Unions, the tournaments brought together the players and supporters of twenty countries who qualified from sixty-five competing nations.
People of diverse and contrasting cultures from around the world were united in their desire to run with the oval ball.

Previous Winners
1987 - New Zealand
1991 - Australia
1995 - South Africa
The Webb Ellis Cup is presented to the winning team.

The Millennium Stadium
The Millennium Stadium is built on the site of the old National Stadium, Cardiff Arms Park. A masterpiece of modern engineering and construction techniques, work on this magnificent stadium commenced in March 1997. It features an opening roof which will enable events to be held in all weather conditions.
The Millennium Stadium was the venue for many prestigious sporting events and was the setting for the Rugby World Cup Final on 6th November 1999.

The Fourth Portrait
The obverse (head side) is the fourth major portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Ian Rank Broadley, FRBS, FSNAD, whose initials IRB appear under the head.

Featured on the reverse is a design by medallist Ron Dutton symbolising a stadium and the distinctively shaped rugby ball and posts.

The edge is milled and has the incuse inscription:-

VersionDiameterWeightAlloyActual Metal Weight
Gold Proof28.4015.97.91660.4707
Piedfort Silver Proof28.4024.00.9250.7138
Silver Proof28.4012.00.9250.3569

Notes to Table
Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Weight in grams.
Alloy = Fineness of metal content.
AMW = Fine metal content in troy ounces.

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