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Pronghorn Antelope on Reverse of One Ounce Canadian Platinum $300
Pronghorn Antelope on Reverse of One Ounce Canadian Platinum $300

Obverse of One Ounce Canadian Coin in Platinum
Obverse of 2000 One Ounce Canadian Platinum $300

2000 Pronghorn Antelope Platinum Proof Set

In 2000, the Royal Canadian Mint issued another set in their wildlife series of platinum proof coin sets featuring Canadian animals. The 2000 issue features the pronghorn antelope, and comes housed in a fabric lined mahogany box.

According to the accompanying certificate:-

The Pronghorn Antelope
While the cheetah reigns as the fastest animal on Africa's savannah, the pronghorn antelope rules the North American prairie. Capable of speeds of 80 kmh (50 mph), the pronghorn antelope does not stop after its initial 400 metre burst (0.25 miles) - it keeps going, easily cruising at 50 kmh (30mph) for 8km (5 miles) before slowing down.
The pronghorn antelope is the only species from a prehistoric family of hoofed animals to survive beyond the last Ice Age. It has branched horns and is the only such animal to shed the outer sheath of these horns every year. Given this, it is not a true antelope which has permanent unbranched horns. The term antelope (Greek antholops meaning "brightness of the eye") was likely adopted to describe the animal's large protruding eyes which enable it to spot predators 6km (4 miles) away. When this happens the pronghorn antelope raises the long white hairs on its rump to warn the rest of the herd.
In addition to its rump, the lower parts of the pronghorn antelope are also white. Its upper body is tan with two white bars across the throat. The pronghorn antelope is a trim animal that averages 91 cm (3 feet) at its shoulder and 50 kg (110lbs) in weight.
Like the buffalo, the pronghorn antelope was hunted almost to extinction. However, conservation efforts have preserved this energetic and curious resident of Canada'a prairies.

All reverse designs are by Canadian artist Mark Hobson.
One OunceA family setting of 4 pronghorns.
Half OunceTwo pronghorn antelopes.
Quarter OunceA lone adult male.
Tenth OunceA majestic profile view.

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2000Pronghorn Antelope600*AskFDC in Box£1,295$2,440

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