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The Complete Millennium Masterpiece Silver Coin Collection
The Complete Millennium Masterpiece Silver Coin Collection - Housed in an Attractive Display Case

Reverse of Barbados Coin
Reverse of 1999 - 2000 Barbados Coin

Each Coin is Accompanied by a Storycard
Each Coin is Accompanied by its Own Storycard

Millennium Masterpiece Collection - Complete Collection Now Available
On 31 December 1999, as the Earth completes its year-long journey around the sun, every country in the world was waiting in turn to welcome the first day of the new Millennium. Celebrations reached a peak as the calendar turned from 1999 to 2000. To create a tangible reminder of this historic moment in time the Royal Mint was proud to create and present the Masterpiece Millennium Collection, a superb collection of twenty-four magnificent silver coins from all over the world each quite exceptional in its own right.

A Coin in Two Halves
The intriguing coin from the island nations of Kiribati and Samoa for instance, is typical of the unusual coins in the Masterpiece Millennium Collection. Although close neighbours in the Pacific Ocean, Kiribati and Samoa are separated by the International Date Line and so will be, respectively, the first and last countries to welcome in the new Millennium. To reflect this extraordinary position the two have united in one celebratory coin - each half being legal tender in its own country.

Storycards & Booklets
Each commemorative reverse design, whether historic, futuristic or symbolic, has a story of its own to tell. The story is told on the storycard sent with each coin so that together, the twenty-four give a complete picture of your Masterpiece Millennium Collection.
The colourful booklet, specially designed to accompany the Masterpiece Millennium Collection, gives a fascinating insight into man's early perception of time with such stories as: how the manufacture of timepieces evolved, including the story of famous clockmaker John Harrison; and why in 1884 Greenwich was chosen to become the Prime Meridian of the World and thus the source of world time.
Held securely by a satin ribbon, the booklet can be safely stored in the lid of the case.

Authenticated by the Royal Mint
Each coin is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. The collection has its own Certificate with space for your name to be recorded as its original owner

Environment & Preservation
The future of the environment and, in particular, the preservation of Earth's wildlife will undoubtedly be an issue of continuing concern in the new millennium and this is the chosen theme for the commemorative reverse of the silver Proof millennium coin from the Falkland Islands. And appropriately so since the Falklands, a cluster of more than 700 rugged islands lying deep in the South Atlantic, support an amazing variety of wildlife and the, wishing to keep this unique and precious heritage safe for future generations, are very active in the field of conservation.
Creatures of land, sea and air, representative of the great variety that live and thrive on these remote yet fascinating islands, are beautifully depicted on the outer ring of this magnificent bi-colour coin. The centre, framed by a mariner's rope to symbolise the Islanders' dependence on the bounty of the sea, pictures the Falklands lit by the first dawn of the new millennium.

The 24 Countries:
The twenty four countries taking part in this remarkable coin issue are:-
Alderney, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Bermuda, Belgium, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, France, The Gambia, Guernsey, Guyana, Haiti, Holland, Ireland, Jersey, Kiribati / Samoa, Latvia, Malta, New Zealand, Spain, and the United Kingdom
The collection has an issue limit of just 30,000 pieces.

Millennium Masterpiece Silver Proof Coins
PhotoCountryDescriptionDiameterWeightIssue LimitAvailabilityPrice £Price $Price €
AustriaSilver Outer - Titanium Centre34.0013.7550,000Now£40$65€52
ArmeniaOctagonal (8 Sided) with St. George & Dragon Reverse38.6128.2830,000Now£40$65€52
AustraliaGold Plated Outer Ring38.7436.0120,000Now£40$65€52
Barbados8 Sided with date both sides38.6128.2830,000Now£40$65€52
BermudaDual dated with 8 Scalloped edge and gold printing38.6128.2830,000Now£40$65€52
BelgiumFirst Belgian coin issued one year in advance of the event37.0022.8530,000Now£40$65€52
Cayman IslandsDual dated with 12 scalloped edge31.5015.52230,000Now£40$65€52
CyprusTalent Shape44.60 x 25.0015.0032,000Ask£40$65€52
Falkland Islands£2 Bi-Coloured Crown38.6128.2830,000Now£40$65€52
FranceYves Saint Laurent - French Designer37.0022.2030,000Now£40$65€52
Gambia10 Sided, Bi-Coloured and dual dated38.6128.2830,000Now£40$65€52
Guernsey£5 Outer Ring38.6118.2650,000Now£40$65€52
Guernsey£1 Centre Nugget22.509.8450,000Now£40$65€52
Guyana12 Sided Crown with dual date - $200038.6128.2830,000Now£40$65€52
HaitiGold Plating & Colour Printing38.6128.2830,000Now£40$65€52
Ireland£1 Piedfort - double thickness31.1020.0080,000Now£40$65€52
JerseyGold sprayed38.6128.2832,000Now£40$65€52
Kiribati / Samoa2 Countries on 1 Coin38.6128.2830,000Now£40$65€52
LatviaUnusual Button Shape38.6128.2830,000Now£40$65€52
MaltaRectangular Cameo40 x 2015.00 Ask£40$65€52
NetherlandsDual dated with the royal portrait both sides33.0015.0050,000Now£40$65€52
New ZealandSpecial gold plating and printing38.6128.2833,000Now£40$65€52
Spain8 Sided33.0020.0050,000Now£40$65€52
United KingdomTri-Dated, gold plated, fine silver, raised edge lettering38.6128.28100,000Now£40$65€52

Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Availability = Stock Availability
Issue Limit = Maximum Mintage.
Alloy .925 Silver (Sterling) for all coins, except:
Austria = .900 Silver with Titanium
France = .900 Silver
Netherlands = .800 Silver
United Kingdom = .999 Silver

ItemPrice £Price $Price €
Individual Coins£35$60€42
Complete Collection£825$1,440€995

In addition, there is a very attractive case which is available to house all 24 coins, and which is free to purchasers of the complete collection.

Postage & Packing:
UK: At buyer's Risk £3.50 or
Fully Insured £9 (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
USA: Airmail at buyer's risk $10 or
Fully Insured $20
For further details, please see our Postage & Packing page.

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