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2000 Uncirculated 9 Coin Set in Folder
United Kingdom 2000 Uncirculated Set

World Coin Sets 2000 - In Stock Now
We have year 2000 dated uncirculated coin sets in stock from about 40 different countries, mainly European.
Many of the coins in these sets are only available as part of the complete set, as they may not have been issued for circulation. If there are sufficient of a particular denomination in circulation or in stock, it is common practice not to strike any coins of that denomination during the year. This applies particularly to smaller countries.
Because of this, most of these sets are only available to us from the mint for each country, and the prices we have to pay depend on the price the mint decides. As they have a monopoly, it is very difficult for us to influence the prices.

Display Packaging
Every set is packaged in its own display folder, similar to the British set shown. Most of these are also quite informative. Please note that because the sets are produced by different mints, the exact choice of presentation varies from country to country. Some have descriptions only in their native language, others are in several languages, usually including English.

Last Coins Before The Euro?
It is possible that many of the European coin sets listed will be the last of their type before the new "Euro" denomination coins are issued. You may wish to see our Euro Zone page.
Some countries are unlikely to produce a year 2000 set, in which case we may have their most recent sets in our World Coin Sets - Previous Issues page.

CountryDescriptionFromToFaceQtyAvailPrice £Price $
Aruba 5 Florin9.407Sold Out £12.95$18
AustraliaIncludes Millennium 50 Cents$23.856Sold Out £12.95$18
AustraliaMonarchs of Australia - Silver$220¢3.105+Sold Out £89.00$123
Austria EuroZone Member150th Anniversary Austrian Postage Stamp20 Schilling10 Groschen36.606Sold Out £12.95$18
Belgium EuroZone MemberTwin Set French & Flemish + 150th Anniversary Belgian National Bank Medallion50 Francs50 Cents15310+Yes £11.50$16
Bosnia Herzegovina   3.805Yes £13.50$19.95
Canada $23.917Yes £13.50$17
China 1 Yuan1 Fen1.686Yes £11.95$16.50
Czech Republic 50 Koruna10 Haleru118.8011Sold Out £10.50$16
Denmark60th Birthday Commemorative20 Kroner25 Öre28.756Yes£12.95$18
East Caribbean StatesSet + Gold Coin  9.40 Yes £150.00$225
Finland EuroZone Member 10 Markaa10 Pennia16.605+Sold Out £12.95$18
France EuroZone Member 20 Francs5 Centimes38.8610Sold Out£22.95$33
Germany EuroZone MemberProof5 Marks1 Pfennig12.6810Sold Out £25.50$35
GermanyUncirculated5 Marks1 Pfennig12.6810Sold Out £14.50$20
Greece EuroZone Member7 Coin Set + 6 Olympic Games 500 Drachmae500 Drachmae1 Drachma3,18813Yes £32.50$48
HungaryRodin's Thinker200 Forint1 Forint3888Yes £14.95$21
Iceland 100 Kronur1 Krona165.655Yes£18.95$27
IrelandMillennium £1 - Broighter Boat£11 Penny1.887Sold Out*£13.50$19
Isle of Man 5 Pounds1 Penny8.889Yes £28.95$40
IsraelPiedfort 1 Agora 8Soon£29.95$41
Israel350th Anniversary Jewish community in Curaçao10 Shekels5 Agora Shekel17.157Now£32.50$45
Italy400th Anniversary Death of Giordano Bruno1000 Lire1 Lira338812Yes £38.50$49.95
ItalyProof 400th Anniversary Death of Giordano Bruno1000 Lire1 Lira338812Yes £69.95$99
JapanSold out at the Mint500 Yen5 Yen6656Sold Out£29.95$39.95
Lithuania 5 Litae10 Centu8.806Yes £15.95$22
MexicoLegend of the Five Suns$1010¢18.807Sold Out £19.50$27
Netherlands EuroZone MemberProof5 Guilders5 Cent8.906Sold Out £39.95$57.50
Netherlands EuroZone Member 5 Guilders5 Cent8.906Yes £12.50$18
Netherlands Antilles 5 Guilders9.418Yes £13.50$18.50
New ZealandPied Cormorant Uncirculated$58.857Sold Out £18.50$25.50
New ZealandPied Cormorant Proof$58.857Sold Out £55.00$75.00
Norway 20 Kronur50 Öre36.505Yes £14.95$21
NorwayProof20 Kronur50 Öre36.505Yes £59.95$79.95
Portugal EuroZone MemberUncirculated200 Escudos1 Escudo5868Sold Out£25.95$37
Portugal EuroZone MemberProof 200 Escudos1 Escudo5868Sold Out£TBA$TBA
RomaniaUnc1000 Lei1 Leu1,6869Yes£14.50$19.95
San Marino 5000 Lire10 Lire68808Sold Out £22.50$31
SingaporeHongbao Pack - Floral Theme$56.867Yes £11.50$16
Slovakia 10 Slovak Koruna10 Haliers18.807+Sold Out£11.50$16
South AfricaMillennium "Medallion" Front Cover5 Rand8.889Yes £12.95$18
SpainEuroZone MemberNew Packaging500 Pesetas1 Pesetas8918Sold Out £12.50$17
Sweden 10 Kronor50 Öre16.504+Yes £14.95$21
TurkeyCancelled  190,000 No*£11.95$16.50
United Kingdom £21 Penny4.389Yes £11.50$16
USADenver - Includes 5 Quarters$12.9110Sold Out £10.50$12.95
USAPhiladelphia - Includes 5 Quarters$12.9110Sold Out £10.50$12.95
USABoth Denver & Philadelphia$15.8220Sold Out £19.95$25
USASilver Proof Set & Quarters50 ¢1 ¢2.1610Yes £39.95$49
VaticanJohn Paul II1000 Lire Silver10 Lire28808Sold Out £27$37.50

Notes on Table
From=Highest denomination coin.
To=Lowest denomination coin.
Face=Face value in local currency.
Qty=Number of coins in the set.
Qty+=Plus mint medallion.
No*=Cancelled (Turkey)
EuroZone Member=Member of EuroZone

Sold Out* (Ireland) We hear reports that these are selling for over 100 DM in Germany! We have tried everywhere unsuccessfully to find more, and do not anticipate being able to find any more. There is a "Farewell" pound coin and pound note set, which we have listed on our Irish Coin & Sets page.

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