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Proposed Reverse Design Numer 1 of 2001 £2 Coin
The Winner - Design 1

Proposed Reverse Design Numer 2 of 2001 £2 Coin
Design 2

Proposed Reverse Design Numer 3 of 2001 £2 Coin
Design 3

2001 Two Pounds Coin
For details of 2001 Marconi £2 coins for sale, please see our 2001 Marconi £2 Coins page.

Stop Press - Winner Announced - See Below
In 2001, the Royal Mint is expected to produce a two pound coin commemorating the Centenary of sending of the first transatlantic telegraph by Marconi.

The Fourth Portrait
The obverse (head side) will be the fourth major portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Ian Rank Broadley, FRBS, FSNAD, whose initials IRB appear under the head.

A representation of radio waves emanating from a source, and spreading out around the world. A spark of electricity links the zeros of the date.


...and The Winning Design is...

Design Number 1
It was announced on October 24th, 2000, that design number one, is the design which has been selected to be produced. It reminds us of a dart-board!

For prices and details of 2001 Marconi £2 coins for sale, please see our 2001 Marconi £2 Coins page.

Technical Specifications - Base Metal Version
AlloyInner DiscCupro-nickel
AlloyOuter RingNickel-brass
Diameter28.40 mms
Weight12.00 grams

Postage & Packing:
UK: At buyer's Risk £3.50 or
Fully Insured £9 (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
USA: Airmail at buyer's risk $10 or
Fully Insured $20
For further details, please see our Postage & Packing page.

Airmail to USA $10

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