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2002 European Union Coin Collection Folder

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2002 European Union Collection Folder

2002 European Union Collection Folder

Euro Coins
2002 European Union Collection Folder - Open with Completed Page

2002 European Union Collection Folder - Open with Completed Page

Collectors Album

Way back in 2002 we bought a large quantity of Euro collectors albums. Each album allows a space for every coin in every design of the Euro, from all of the participating countries across Europe*.

As with many things, this album unfortunately was forgotten about, as many other jobs and tasks piled up and the few members of staff that worked here then had them to contend with! So with nothing on our website to advertise these albums, it's no surprise that we haven't sold many (just a few from our showroom in Blackpool).

We have recently discovered them whilst packing to move to our new building, and as we now have a lot more staff to juggle the daily increasing workload, we can finally update the website!

The album is perfect for those wanting to see the different designs on each of the participating countries currency.

This would be an ideal way for children to pass the time on holidays for years to come. On trips around Europe they would be able to collect the different designs and slowly build a collection.

Album Pages


* As this album was designed and produced in 2002, only the countires that were originally in the euro are in the folder.

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