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2002 French Euro Coin Set
2002 French Euro Coin Set

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France Starts Using The Euro on January 1st 2002
On new year's day 2002, France, like the other 11 members of the Eurozone, started using Euro notes and Euro coins for cash transactions. Within a few months, the old coins and banknotes in Francs have been withdrawn. We to have uncirculated sets of Euro coins from each of the twelve member countries available from stock, and are accepting orders now.

Eight Coins Per Set
All national Euro sets contain all 8 coin denominations unless otherwise stated.

Packaging & Presentation
We expect to have uncirculated mint sets of coins from all 12 Euro zone countries in stock during January 2002. Our French Euro sets are packaged in an attractive card within a 2-sided plastic case so that the coins can be viewed from both sides or removed if required. We have information about official issue mint or proof sets. All of the countries will issue uncirculated sets, but many will not issue proof sets.
Our own sets will be attractively housed in a clear plastic case so that the coins can be viewed from both sides.
Our photograph shows the folder for the official set from the Paris Mint.

2 Euro
A tree, drawn by artist Joaquim Jiminez, appears on these coins, symbolising life, continuity and growth. It is contained in a hexagon and is surrounded by the motto of the Republic "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité".
Common Reverse of all 2 Euro Coins Obverse of French 2 Euro Coin
1 Euro
As for the 2 Euro except for their size and colour.
Common Reverse of all 1Euro Coins Obverse of French 1 Euro Coin
50 Euro Cents
The theme of the sower is a constant in the history of the French franc. Designed by Laurent Jorlo, "this modern, timeless graphic represents France, which stays true to itself, whilst integrating into Europe".
Common Reverse of all 50 Euro Cent Coins Obverse of French 50 Euro Cent Coin
20 Euro Cents
As for the 50 Cents, but note the 7 indents or scallops on the edge.
Common Reverse of all 20 Euro Cent Coins Obverse of French 20 Euro Cent Coin
10 Euro Cents
The obverse designs of the French 50, 20 and 10 Euro cents are identical apart from their size and the indents on the 20 cent.
Common Reverse of all 10 Euro Cent Coins Obverse of French 10 Euro Cent Coin
5 Euro Cents
This shows a young, feminine Marianne with determined features that embody the desire for a sound and lasting Europe. It was designed by Fabienne Courtiade, an engraver from the Paris Mint.
Common Reverse of all 5 Euro Cent Coins Obverse of French 5 Euro Cent Coin
2 Euro Cents
The obverse designs of the French 5, 2 and 1 Euro cents are identical apart from their size.
Common Reverse of all 2 Euro Cent Coins Obverse of French 2 Euro Cent Coin
1 Euro Cent
The obverse designs of the French 5, 2 and 1 Euro cents are identical apart from their size.
Common Reverse of all 1 Euro Cent Coins Obverse of French 1 Euro Cent Coin

Availability & Prices
The following are our pre-release prices. Please see our price guarantee.
DateDescriptionStatusAvailability *Price £Price $Price €
MixedUnofficial UncirculatedIn StockNow£9.95$14.95€16.50
1999Official UncirculatedAnnouncedSold Out£TBA$TBA€TBA
1999Official ProofAnnouncedTBA£TBA$TBA€TBA
2000Official UncirculatedAnnouncedSold Out£TBA$TBA€TBA
2000Official ProofAnnouncedTBA£TBA$TBA€TBA
2001Official UncirculatedAnnouncedYes£29.95$44.95€49.95
2001Official ProofAnnouncedTBA£TBA$TBA€TBA
2002Unofficial UncirculatedTBATBA£11.95$17.95€19.95
2002Official UncirculatedIn StockNow£26.95$39.95€44.95
2002Official ProofFebruaryTBA£TBA$TBA€TBA

TBA = To Be Announced. To reserve future issues, please see our Euro Set Reservations page.
Availability * = Subject to prompt release and despatch by mints.

Price Guarantee
We can now confirm our advance order pricing to be as shown. All orders received with payment by January 2002 will be at our published pre-release prices. Prices may increase for orders received after January 2002.

Postage & Packing, Per Order:
UK: At buyer's Risk £3.50 or
Fully Insured £9 (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
USA: Airmail at buyer's risk $10 or
Fully Insured $20
For further details, please see our Postage & Packing page.

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