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2002 Golden Jubilee Medallion by Chard
Obverse of 2002 Golden Jubilee Medallion by Chard

Reverse of 2002 Golden Jubilee Medallion
Reverse of 2002 Golden Jubilee Medallion

Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee
To commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2002, Chard have commissioned this magnificent medallion. We have chosen the designs to reflect the past, the present and the future. It is available in two versions, one with the reverse inscribed with our name and other details, including the address of our new website, the other version is without the Chard inscription.

The obverse or head side of each medal shows a portrait of the queen facing right. Around the outside there are 12 stars, intended to acknowledge Britain's membership of the EU, inside which is the inscription:-
Beneath the portrait are the words:-

The reverse is a recreation of the famous "Una and the Lion" pattern gold five pound coin of Queen Victoria from 1839. We have remodelled it showing our present queen, Elizabeth II. The lion signifies the strength of the United Kingdom. There are two versions:-
Uninscribed "generic" version.
Chard inscribed version. The legend (inscription) reads:- CHARD COIN DEALERS 32 - 36 Harrowside BLACKPOOL FY4 1RJ

Past Present & Future
The re-modelling of the Una &the Lion from Queen Victoria's era recalls the last British monarch to celebrate a golden jubilee, and youthful figure of Elizabeth recalls her on her accession to the throne in 1952.
The present is represented by the 2002 dates on either side, and the new portrait by reknowned sculptor Donald Golder.
The future is hinted at by the inclusion of twelve stars, as on the Euro coins which have been introduced this year in the 12 Eurozone countries. This is intended as a suggestion or pattern for a potential future UK Euro coin design.

Price & Availability
VersionQuantityPrice £Price $Price €
Chard1 - 9£4.95$7.95€7.50
Chard10 +£3.95$7.50€5.95
Generic1 - 9£4.95$7.95€7.50
Generic10 +£3.95$7.50€5.95
Either50 +£Ask$Ask€Ask

Diameter36 mms.
Weight21 grams approx.
AlloyGolden Bronze

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