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Reverse of 2003 Silver Proof Coronation Crown
Reverse of 2003 Silver Proof Coronation Crown

Reverse of 2003 Silver Proof DNA Two Pound
Reverse of 2003 Silver Proof DNA Two Pound

2003 Coins
The following pages list some of the year 2003 coins and sets:-

Coronation 50th Anniversary Crowns
Five Pound crowns are being produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Coronation in 1953, in a number of versions as usual.

Gold Sovereigns
2003 sovereigns will revert to a St. George and Dragon reverse. Issue limits for the uncirculated version may be kept at 100,000 while the issue limit for the proofs is 12,500 plus some reserved for proof sets.

Half Sovereigns
2003 half sovereigns will also revert the the St. George and Dragon design as the full sovereigns.

2003 Gold 3 & 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Sets
Gold proof sets of the sovereign series will also feature the St, George and Dragon design. Full details on our Tax Free Gold website for both 3 Coin Gold Sovereign Proof Sets and 4 Coin Gold Sovereign Proof Sets

2003 British Coin Sets
As usual, these include proof sets and uncirculated sets.

Pound Coins
For 2003, the £1 coin reverts to the Royal Arms design first used in 1983.

2003 Euro Coin Sets
For information about any euro coin sets, it's best to visit our Euro Coins website, although please note that not all countries have yet released their 2002 sets!

2003 Gibraltar 1 Kilo Silver Proof - Peter Rabbit in Colour

2003 French 1 Kilo €50 Silver Proof - Europa, First Anniversary of the Euro

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