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2006 Silver Proof Coins
2006 Silver Collection is Housed in Presentation Box

UK Silver Proof Sets
Reverse of Silver Proof Maundy Threepence
Reverse of Silver Proof Maundy Threepence

Reverse of Silver Proof Maundy Threepence
Reverse of Silver Proof Maundy Twopence

Reverse of Silver Proof Maundy One Penny
Reverse of Silver Proof Maundy One Penny

2006 British 13 Coin Silver Proof Sets
Only twice in recent years have the Royal Mint issued silver proof year sets of British circulation coins.

Update, as at June 2007
With additional notes.
We recently acquired a moderate "job-lot" of these sets, and re-appraised both our stock, and the sets themselves. We also created a new index page for similar sets of circulation type coinage issued in silver proof sets.
Comparing the issue limits of the three dates of silver proof sets issued to date, this 2006 has a relatively low figure of 8,000 sets, compared with 15,000 each for the previous two sets.
The 2000 set has been in good demand recently, having sold quite slowly originally, and we feel that in a few years time, the 2006 set will be in short supply.

The Queen's Eightieth Birthday
According to the Royal Mint:

The Queen's 80th Birthday Collection: A Celebration In Silver
Royal Mint Official Issue Price £275.00
A Complete Set of United Kingdom Coins - including the Rare Maundy Coins
All in Silver Proof Quality - A Numismatic Sensation
If any coins can be described as personal to the Queen herself, it must be the Maundy coins that she herself distributes on Maundy Thursday. We asked that a small number - struck in silver Proof quality - be made available for our collectors especially to celebrate the Queen's eightieth birthday and the Queen kindly gave her consent.
They make a rare celebratory set for a rare occasion for, in Proof quality, they take pride of place alongside the Silver Proof Queen's 80th Birthday Crown and, also struck in sterling .925 silver - for only the second time in the Queen's long reign - all eight circulating coins of the realm.
Thirteen Coin Proof Sets
"Proof" coins are specially struck with great care and attention. The dies are highly polished on the flat surfaces, with a frosted finish on the design, the blanks from which the coins are struck are also polished before striking (minting), so that the finished coins show their designs to the absolutely best effect. The raised relief parts of the design have a frosted finish, and stand out from the background (field) which has a mirror finish. Each coin is carefully inspected prior to packaging, and is guaranteed to be perfect and without any blemish.
This years proof sets contain:

The following commemorative coins were not included in the 13 coin silver collection, but can be obtained separately.

DenominationDescriptionDiameterWeightFinenessSilver Content
Crown (£5)Fanfare of Trumpets with Banners38.6128.28.925.8410
Two Pounds (£2)Four Ages of Man, Outer Ring Gold Plated on Silver28.4012.00.925.3569
One Pound (£1)Egyptian Arch Railway Bridge22.509.50.925.2825
Fifty PenceBritannia27.308.00.925.2379
Twenty PenceCrowned Rose21.405.00.925.1487
Ten PenceLion Passant Guardant24.506.50.925.1933
Five PenceCrowned Thistle18.003.25.925.0967
Four PenceCrowned Value "4" in Wreath17.631.88.925.0559
Three PenceCrowned Value "3" in Wreath16.261.41.925.0419
Two Pence DecimalThe Prince of Wales' Badge (Plumes)25.917.13.925.2120
Two Pence MaundyCrowned Value "2" in Wreath13.440.94.925.0280
Penny DecimalCrowned Portcullis20.323.56.925.1059
Maundy PennyCrowned Value "1" in Wreath11.150.47.925.0140
Total  87.92.9252.6147

Denomination = Face Value of Coin
Diameter = Diameter in millimetres
Fineness = Proportion of silver
Weight = Total weight in grams
Silver Content = Actual fine silver content in troy ounces.

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