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Britannia on Reverse of 2008 Silver Proof Fifty Pence
Britannia on Reverse of 2008 Silver Proof Fifty Pence

Obverse of 2008 Silver Proof Fifty Pence
Obverse of 2008 Silver Proof Fifty Pence

2008 Fifty Pences - Farewell Britannia
In 2008, Britannia will disappear from our circulating coinage, during the first half of the year, 50 pence coins will bear her familiar image, to be replaced by...

Watch This Space
The Royal Mint will be replacing the designs on all our familiar circulation coinage sometime during 2008. We are expecting the announcement about the new designs in "late spring", and guess that the supply of new coins will start shortly afterwards.
The changes affects all denominations from the One Pound (£1) down to the Penny. Of all the seven design themes, Britannia on the fifty pence is surely the most iconic and best loved. Britannia was devised by the Romans in the reign of Claudius, and featured on his coins, and those of Hadrian. She first appeared on British coins in 1672 during the reign of Charles II, and has been present on at least one British coin denomination ever since. This will be the first time in over 300 years that no coins of Britannia have been issued for circulation.

Bullion & Collectors' Britannia Coins
The British Royal Mint started issuing a gold bullion Britannia coin in 1887, and followed it with a silver one in 1997. It is almost certain that these will continue to be issued, but although these are legal tender, they never circulate as their bullion value is higher than their face value.

Versions & Prices
VersionMetalMintageAvailabilityIssue PricePrice £Price $
Specimen in Folder*Cupro-nickelN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
ProofSilver In Emblems Silver Set££Ask$Ask
Piedfort ProofSilver-N/AN/AN/AN/A
ProofGold In Emblems Gold Set£345£325$650

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Britannia on British Coins
A brief history of Britannia with particular reference to British coins.

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