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2013 350th Anniversary of the Guinea Two Pound Coin

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Obverse of 2013 350th Anniversary of the Guinea Two Pound Coin

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Reverse of 2013 350th Anniversary of the Guinea Two Pound Coin

Obverse of 2013 350th Anniversary of the Guinea Two Pound Coin in Folder

Reverse of 2013 350th Anniversary of the Guinea Two Pound Coin in Folder

The 2013 two pound has been struck to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Guinea.

As described on the uncirculated coin packaging, "commemorative coins pay tribute to important people and events in British history and only the most special of these receive this great honour."

The Guinea

The first guinea was struck under the reign of Charles II, when it was worth £1 or 20 shillings - considerably less than it's worth now! During its circulation, the coin's value changed based on the gold fluctuations, however it wasn't until 1717 when the master of the mint, Sir Isaac Newton, set it's price at 21 shillings.
The last guinea was struck in 1813.


  • Ordinary circulation version, which is available from banks and post offices during the year.
  • Specimen version, issued in Royal Mint folder. This has a superior finish compared with the ordinary coins, so will be preferred by most collectors. The folders are also very attractive and informative, and make interesting and unusual gifts.
  • Silver Proof version, with the outer part gold plated.
  • Piedfort proof version, similar but made double weight, with a lower mintage.

    Gold Proof Version

    The gold proof versions are produced in 22 carat red gold, with the centre "gold sprayed" according to the Royal Mint.


    The fourth of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Ian Rank Broadley, FRBS, FSNAD, whose initials IRB appear under the head, as used on all British coins from 1998.
    The legend (inscription) reads:


    The reverse features the most famous design of the guinea, the 'Spade' guinea.
    The legend (inscription) reads:


    VersionDiameterWeightIssue Limit
    Uncirculated in Folder28.4012.00 
    Silver Proof28.4012.0012,000
    Piefort Silver Proof28.4024.002,000
    Gold Proof28.4015.971,200

    BU Specimen in Folder

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