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2015 British Fifty Pound Coin

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2015 Fifty Pound Silver Coin

2015 Britannia BU Fifty Pound Silver Coin Reverse

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2015 Fifty Pound Silver Coin Obverse

2015 Britannia BU Fifty Pound Silver Coin Obverse

2015 Fifty Pound Silver Coin in Presentation Folder Obverse

2015 Britannia BU Fifty Pound Silver Coin in Presentation Folder Obverse

2015 Fifty Pound Silver Coin in Presentation Folder Reverse

2015 Britannia BU Fifty Pound Silver Coin in Presentation Folder Reverse

In 2015, the UK's Royal Mint produced the first ever £50 coin. The coin is struck in 0.999 fineness and contains one troy ounce of silver.

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Britannia is the personification of Great Britain. She has been featured on coins dating all the way back to 119 AD when she appeared on coins of the Roman Emporer Hadrian.

Britannia is often seen as a symbol of hope, unity and pride for Britain. She is often used as a figurehead of the values and achievements of the nation.

Britannia featured on the reverse of 50p coins until a new design was brought in, in 2008.

She is often, but not always, shown with a lion at her feet. This represents the British Lion shown in the Royal Arms.

First £50 Coin

This is the UK's first £50 coin. The Royal Mint have continued their "face-value" series, whereby coins are sold for their face value (e.g. £50 for £50). The first £100 coin was issued in 2014 and the first £20 in 2013.

More Expensive than the Mint?

Whilst we pride ourselves in being cheaper than the mint in most cases, we are unable to source these coins at a discount. We have managed to get a small supply in stock for informational purposes and to photograph. We are offering them for sale but with a premium. This is because we're a business and we don't work for free! We also only have a small supply and therefore will likely not have them in stock for long.


Both the obverse and reverse designs are by the Royal Mint engraver, Jody Clark. The reverse shows Britannia standing with a tamed lion by her feet. A globe can be seen in the background. This design was used on the proof version of the 2014 Britannia.
The obverse of the coin shows the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, only introduced in 2015.


The coin has an issue limit of 100,000.

It comes in a colourful presentation card.


VersionDiameter Purity WeightAMWIssue
Silver 34.00mm 0.999 31.00g 1.0 100,000

Worth Less than 50?

The coin was sold by The Royal Mint as part of their 50 for 50 scheme. The coin contains one troy ounce of silver meaning it has an intrinsic value of less than £10* - less than one fifth of its face value!


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We play an active part in the secondary market for many platinum, gold and silver products, including commemorative coins so we would be more than happy to purchase a 2015 (or any other date) coin from you.

* As of 30/11/2015. Silver spot price £9.39 the Lowest Possible Price

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