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2015 Definitive Britannia Two Pound Coin

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2015 Definitive Britannia Two Pound Reverse

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2015 Definitive Britannia Two Pound Obverse with Fifth Portrait

2015 Definitive Britannia Two Pound Coin in Presentation Pack Obverse

2015 Definitive Britannia Two Pound Coin in Presentation Pack Reverse

2015 Definitive Britannia Folder

2015 Definitive Britannia Folder

The 2015 definitive £2 coin welcomes Britannia back onto UK coins. The iconic lady replaces the previous concentric 'gear' design as featured on the coins since their introduction in 1997.

This is the third £2 coin released in 2015, the others being the commemorative coins for the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta £2 and The Royal Navy First World War £2.

We received our first delivery of coins on 26th March, 2015.

Uncirculated in Folder

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Over 2,000 Years of History

Britannia is a symbol of hope, unity and pride for Britain. She is often used as a figurehead of the values and achievements of the nation. She has been featured on coins dating all the way back to 119 AD when she appeared on coins of the Roman Emporer Hadrian.

Britannia featured on the reverse of 50p coins until a new design was brought in, in 2008.

She is often, but not always, shown with a lion at her feet. This represents the British Lion shown in the Royal Arms.

Silver Britannia Confusion

We imagine this coin will be easily confused with silver Britannia coins, as they also feature Britannia, and even more confusingly, have a face value of £2!


The coin features a brand new portrait of Britannia on the reverse. It was designed by sculptor Antony Dofort and is meant to present Britannia in a modern era.

New Portrait

The obverse shows the new, fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Jody Clark. This is one of the first UK coins to feature the new design.

Edge Inscription

The edge writing reads "QUATUOR MARIA VINDICO", meaning "I will claim the four seas". This has been previously featured on coins bearing a Britannia design.

  • Specifications

    Version Diameter Weight Issue Limit
    Uncirculated in Folder 28.40 12.00  
    Silver Proof 28.40 12.00 12,000
    Piedfort Silver Proof 28.40 24.00 2,000
    Gold Proof 28.40 15.97 1,200

    2015 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta £2

    2015 The Royal Navy First World War £2

    2015 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain 50 Pence

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