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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

A to Z of Diamonds Glossary
Alphabetical list of main words and terms relating to diamond or diamonds, containing over 600 entries, with definitions, explanations and links to more detailed information.

WaterAn archaic term used to describe the quality of diamonds, as in the phrase "of the first (or finest) water", probably alluding to a combination of good colour and clarity.
Water ClearA term sometimes used as a broad quality band in grading rough diamonds.
WeddingThe diamond wedding anniversary is often stated as the seventy fifth (75th), but a diamond jubilee is generally recognised as the sixtieth (60th) anniversary.
Wedding Ring, Wedding RingsWedding rings are often set with one or more diamonds, usually small.
Weight, WeightsThe weigh of any diamond is normally expressed in carats.
WesseltonSouth African diamond mine, also near obsolete name of a diamond colour.
West 47th StreetWest 47th Street is the central location of the diamond industry in New York and the USA.
WettabilityDiamond is highly resistant to wetting by water. We will attempt to add a scientific explanation of this phenomenon at a later date.
WFDB, W.F.D.B., World Federation of Diamond BoursesSee our Bourse page.
WhiteWhen we rather lazily refer to diamonds as white, we actually mean colourless.
White DiamondThe name of Werner Herzog's film about British engineer Graham Dorrington's air-ship expedition over Guyana.
White DiamondsWhite Diamonds is the name of a fragrance marketed under Elizabeth Taylor's name.
White LightLight containing a balanced full spectrum of colours, so that it appears colourless.
WindowA small facet polished on a rough diamond, through its skin, to allow a diamanteer to observe and map any internal features of the diamond prior to cutting. Also an area of a gemstone which "leaks" light or colour usually due to poor, often shallow, cutting.
Winston, HarryJeweller with a store on Rodeo Drive, Beverley Hills, who is known as the "Jeweler to the Stars".
WispAn inclusion or clarity feature due to twinning, an irregularity in the crystal growth.
WDC, W.D.C., World Diamond CouncilFormed in July 2000 by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association at their Antwerp meeting.

There are currently over 600 entries in this table.
Over 90 of them have page links to a page on this site. Eventually, we intend to add a more complete description for most entries, each on its own page. Please watch this space! the Lowest Possible Price

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