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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

A to Z of Diamonds Glossary
Alphabetical list of main words and terms relating to diamond or diamonds, containing over 600 entries, with definitions, explanations and links to more detailed information.

YAG, Y.A.G.Y.A.G. stands for Yttrium Aluminium Garnet, used as a somewhat unconvincing diamond simulant before cubic zirconia.
YellowMost diamonds contain nitrogen which gives them a slight yellow tinge. More intense yellow diamonds are considered as fancy coloured, making them rare and valuable.
Yellow GroundWeathered kimberlite rock, normally diamondiferous, and named after Kimberley in South Africa.

There are currently over 600 entries in this table.
Over 90 of them have page links to a page on this site. Eventually, we intend to add a more complete description for most entries, each on its own page. Please watch this space! the Lowest Possible Price

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