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AGW = Weight of Actual Fine Gold Content in Troy Ounces Click here to return to Information IndexChard 24 Carat Home Page

One Kilo Credit Suisse Gold Bar
One Kilo Credit Suisse Gold Bar

AGW = Weight of Actual Fine Gold Content in Troy Ounces
The actual fine, pure, or intrinsic gold content of coins shown on our websites is in troy ounces. Accuracy or tolerance can be inferred from the number of decimal places
The figures we give for the gross weight of coins on this site are in normally in grams (gms), those for actual precious metal content are in troy ounces. They are shown to a varying number of decimal places.
Most modern scales are calibrated in grams, so this is often the most convenient scale to use for practical weighing of coins.
As most mathematicians and engineers would correctly guess, the accuracy of our measurements can be implied from the number of decimal places shown. All can assumed to be approximated to the nearest significant figure.
The figures shown may be the actual, declared, specified weights, or may be those found by physical weighing. Manufacturing tolerances apply to all coins. Wear and tear will slightly reduce the actual weight of most coins which have been in circulation.

AGW = Actual Gold Weight
In line with Krause, we usually quote the actual fine gold content of most coins in troy ounces. The price per troy ounce is the most widely quoted price for precious metals.
To convert gross weight in grams to actual intrinsic gold content:
Gross weight in grams / 31.1035 = Gross weight in troy ounces.
Gross weight in troy ounces x Fineness (alloy) = actual fine content in troy ounces.
Simplicity itself!

Accuracy & Tolerance Examples
WeightRange FromTo

Conversion Examples
CoinGross Weight in GramsFinenessGross Weight in Troy OuncesFine Gold Content in GramsActual Fine Gold Content (AGW) in Troy Ounces
Gold Sovereign7.98810.91667.9881 / 31.1035 = 0.2568237.9881 x 0.9166 = 7.3218920.256823 x 0.9166 = 0.235404

We quote dimensions and other measurements on our websites, including weights, as accurately as possible. Where possible, we take the dimensions directly from coins in our possession, but for other coins, we may have to rely on measurements from printed material, which can be less accurate.
While we are happy for you to make use of all the information published on our websites, we accept no responsibility for its accuracy, and you make use of it at your own risk.
If you note any errors or omissions, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Gross Weights
Figures shown in the "Weight" column of our web pages are normally the gross (actual) weight shown in grams.

Other Weights Used for Coins & Precious Metals
A list and brief discussion of other weight standards used for coins or precious metals.

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