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Historical Notes on Roman Emperors
Our gallery of Roman Emperors is growing. We currently have over 40 portraits of Roman leaders, some famous some obscure. Our target is to showcase over 150.

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The period encompassing our Ancient Coins section includes all those coins minted in the first millenia A.D. and before. However, for the sake of simplicity, we have also included Byzantine coinage up until the fall of Constantinople in 1453, despite the fact that most historians would tell you that this date falls under the period of the late Middle Ages. We hope that any pedants amongst you will understand the need for us to keep this website and our cataloguing reasonably simple!!

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If you are just starting out in Roman coin collecting, or if you simply want a selection of Roman coins at a great price, we also sell roman coins of our choice as detailed below:

Prices & Availability
DateDenominationDescriptionMintageGradeAvailabilityPrice £Price $Price €
N/AVarious Bronze and Billon Roman Coins (our choice)  Lowest GradeAsk£10 per bag of 10$
N/A"" Good Fair - About Fine* Ask£3.50 each$
N/A""  Fine - About Very FineAsk£9.50 each$
N/A""  Very Fine+**Ask£29.50 each$

*3 each when ordering 10 or more.
**Grades above this will only be listed as individual coins in our Ancient Roman Coinage catalogue.

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Coins Wanted
As provincial coin dealers, we have always taken a "generalist" approach, that is we specialise in not being a specialist. Unfortunately this means that we often get passed over when collectors think about selling specialised collections such as Roman or Greek coins. We would actually prefer to buy interesting Roman, Greek, and other Ancient coins, especially in better grades.
Apart from wishing to acquire stock to resell, we are keen to obtain higher grade specimens to photograph and enrich our website which aims to be entertaining and informative, and not simply a sales channel.
Please contact us if you have coins to sell.

If you want to find the value of a coin you own, please take a look at our page I've Found An Old Coin, What's It Worth?

There are more answers to be found on our Frequently Asked Coin Questions page. the Lowest Possible Price

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