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Apatite is a common mineral with a wide and attractive range of colours. In non-gem quality, very large crystals occur weighing up to several hundredweight. Clear gem quality crystals, though, are quite scarce and always small. It is too soft to be commonly used in jewellery, particularly in rings. It sometimes occurs with chatoyancy (cat's eye effect).

Colourless (white), pink, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

Chemical Composition and NameCa(F,CL)Ca4(PO4)3 - A complex Calcium Phosphate
Specific Gravity3.17 - 3.23
Crystalline SystemHexagonal
Refractive Index1.63 to 1.64
Bi-refringence0.002 - 1.004
Optic SignNegative
Optical CharacterUniaxial the Lowest Possible Price

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