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Reverse of 2003 Australian Ten Ounce Silver Kookaburra
Reverse of 2003 Australian Ten Ounce Silver Kookaburra


Obverse of 2009 Australian One Kilo Silver Kookaburra
Obverse of 2009 Australian One Kilo Silver Kookaburra

Australian Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coins - Ten Ounce

Ten Ounce Silver Bullion Coins
Australia first issued a ten ounce silver bullion coin in 1991. It was decided to follow on with the series of Australian native fauna, which began with the platinum Koala in 1988, followed by the nugget coins changing to a kangaroo design in 1989.
The Kookaburra is the only major silver bullion coin which changes its exact design every year, making it also more attractive to collectors, although the kookaburra theme remains the same.

SizeFace ValueWeightSilver ContentDiameterThicknessSerrations
10 Ounces$10312.3471075.508.70120*

Notes to Table
Face Value = Denomination in Australian Dollars.
Weight = Standard weight in grams.
Silver Content = Fine silver content in troy ounces.
Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Thickness = Maximum thickness in millimetres.

1992Kookaburra on Stump
1993Kookaburra on Stump
1994Two Kookaburras on Branch
1995Pair of Kookaburras on Branch
1996Kookaburra in Flight
1997Kookaburra Feeding Nestling
1998Kookaburra on a Fence
1999Two Kookaburras on Branch
2000Kookaburra on Branch
2001Two Kookaburras on Branch
2002Kookaburra Flying Over Australian Outline
2003Kookaburra on Branch
2004Kookaburra Flying Past Kookaburra on Branch
2005Kookaburra on Branch
2006Two Kookaburras on Branch
2007Kookaburras on Branch Partially Submerged in Water
2008Kookaburras on Branch
2009Kookaburras on Branch
2010Kookaburra on Branch
2011Kookaburra on a Tree Stump
2012Kookaburra Facing Right on a Branch
2013Two Kookaburras on a Branch with Water Lilies
2014Kookaburra on a Tree Stump
201525th Anniversary Design - Kookaburra on a Tree Stump
2016Kookaburra on Fence Post

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