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9ct Gold Bangle in White and Yellow Gold
9ct Gold Bangle in White and Yellow Gold

This second hand oval bangle is unusual in the fact that it opens and fastens using a small screwdriver! As you can see from the photo the white gold bangle is decorated all the way round with yellow gold 'screws', this is then incorporated into the fastener so that there is not an obvious fastener.
Including the fastener there are nine 'screws' spaced around the bangle at between 11mm and 15mm intervals, the only larger gap is where the hinge is.

The diameter of the bangle is 600mm x 49mm and the width is 6mm. The weight of the bracelet is 20 grams.

If you like the idea of a bangle that can not be taken on or off without the screwdiver hence reducing the chance of losing it, then we would recommend buying it sooner rather later as once it is gone it is gone!
This is the only bangle we have ever seen that fastens in this way so we would be unlikely to find another.

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