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Natural Black Diamond
Black Diamonds

Natural Black Diamond
Black Diamond

Coloured Diamonds

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We have recently purchased a small number of fancy coloured diamonds, as shown on our photograph. Natural fancy coloured diamonds are very rare and expensive.

Black Diamonds
Black diamonds have been around for a long time, and in the last few years have started to be marketed and promoted, making them start to be fashionable. Of all the colours for diamonds, we consider black to be the least attractive for a number of obvious reasons, and a few less obvious ones.

New Website!
We now have yet another new website, this one dedicated to Black Diamonds

From Webster's Dictionary:-

A black variety of diamond, found in Brazil, and used for diamond drills. It occurs in irregular or rounded fragments, rarely distinctly crystallized, with a texture varying from compact to porous.
Some of the denser, less flawed carbonado can be polished, but usually makes stones with badly flawed surfaces. In addition, much of it is gray or dark gray rather than black, which tends to make it even less attractive.

A Memorable Stone
Many years ago a local gemmologist and collector showed me a black diamond mounted in a gent's ring which I thought was a very attractive stone. It also struck me as being quite suited to being in a man's ring. Ever since, we have been quite keen to buy any attractive black diamond we saw. Most of our staff thought I was crazy, and any enquiries we made amongst diamond brokers and cutters met with disinterest. The general school of thought want along the lines of "most blackish rough diamonds are of poor texture, and simply look dull and dead, and even if any pure black stones turned up, it would be marginal to bother cutting them, as who in their right mind would want to buy them".

In recent years, as we have mentioned, black diamonds have become fashionable as a result of being promoted. They are currently being offered at very high prices. We would currently recommend leaving them alone, and not being a slave to what we feel may be a short-lived fashion. There are many other colours of diamonds which are far more attractive and available at quite reasonable prices. In a few years, some of the currently hyped black diamonds will come onto the secondary at a fraction of their current prices, and at that stage, and a sensible price, we would be happy to recommend them.

Black Diamonds in Stock
Since writing the above, we have managed to source a small number of black diamonds at reasonable prices, considering the current hype for black diamonds. We have pleasure in listing them below.

Prices & Availability
WeightShapeDescriptionAvailPrice per CaratPrice £Price $
1.29RoundGood SurfaceYes£1,150£1,484$1,935
0.80RoundKnotted SurfaceYes£1,150£920$1,200
0.85RoundSlight PittingYes£1,150£977$1,275
1.65RoundLast 2 stones as pair - would make good ear-ringsYes£1,100£1,815$2,368
4.55Rounded Dice2 stones as pairYes£400£1,820$Ask

De Beers State
Black and white diamond jewellery became fashionable in the late 1990's in stone sizes of a few points to several carats. Demand for natural black diamonds soon exceed supply. As black boart is also difficult to polish, the demand for black diamonds has been met by the supply of treated black diamonds.
Colour in natural black diamonds can be the result of polycrystaline structure, the presence of (possibly sulphide) inclusions, and extensive cracking.

Pink Diamonds
Judging from the number of enquiries we get for pink diamonds, some pop star must have recently been reported as having acquired a pink diamond. If you would like a natural fancy coloured pink diamond of, say, one carat, be prepared to pay about a million pounds for it! We have recently bought a small parcel of pink diamonds of between 0.16 and 0.29 carats, and are hoping to source more soon.

Purple Diamonds

Orange Diamonds

Brown Diamonds

Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds
We recently sold the last of a small parcel of natural fancy coloured diamonds. Each was about half a carat, two out of the four sold to a retail jeweller, the other two we sold direct to their new owners. The last one was a striking orange colour.

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