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Chard are Blackpool based jewellers, but not an ordinary jewellers shop.
In fact, we don't admit to having a shop, we call it our showroom and office.
Although we do have jewellery visible from the street, we do not have a traditional jewellers display window.
Occasionally, this puts potential customers off, because they think we must be expensive. In fact the opposite is true. Although we tend to stock only better quality jewellery, we offer it for sale at between 25% to 50% below High Street retail prices.

Blackpool's Best Jewellers?
We would like to think so, although we are certainly not the best known jewellers in Blackpool. Probably only 10% of the local population have even heard of us. We are not in a High Street, high profile, high rent location. Our customers find us through word of mouth recommendation, and nowadays through the internet.

Not For Everyone
We are not the best jewellers for everyone, for example, if you expect palatial surroundings, you would be disappointed. If you expect to see a range of watches, you will also be disappointed. If you are looking for silver jewellery, we won't be much use to you, except that some of our white gold is quite affordable. We also don't sell glassware, figurines, china, costume jewellery, leather, pens, or many gift items. However, enough of the negative waves, even though there are more things on the list of things we don't sell, perhaps it's time we got down to telling you what we do sell...

Design & Creation of Diamond Rings
Since 1980, we have been designing and creating our own range of diamond rings. We restrict our diamond ring production to 18 carat gold mounts, or platinum, of course. We are happy to use any quality of diamonds, although the majority of our customers tend to be looking for very good quality at fair prices. Selection of High Quality Gold Jewellery
We stock and sell a reasonable selection of gold jewellery.
We strongly believe in 18 carat gold, because, in our opinion, it is the best. We do however continue to stock a wide range of better quality 9 carat gold jewellery, which is popular in the UK for everyday wear.

We also stock a small selection of platinum jewellery.
Although most of our diamond ring production is in 18 carat gold, we are always happy to make any of our diamond rings in platinum. All our platinum is of the highest .950 standard. We do not stock the recently introduced .900 or .850 standards.
We carry a small selection of basic chains in platinum. It is ideal for things like diamond pendants, because of of its strength.
We stock a small selection of platinum weddings rings, but most of the wedding rings we sell are made to order.

This is the only non-jewellery part of our business, which may surprise some people, however there is a strong historical connection and tradition of jewellers and coin dealers being combined. Our coin stocks include gold sovereigns, krugerrands, gold bullion coins, silver, copper and bronze coins, modern, ancient, hammered, milled, British and world coins.
We have been major UK coin dealers since 1964.

Good Advice
We try to give you help and good advice when choosing your jewellery. There is no point us trying to hard-sell you something unsuitable for you. We believe our sales role is to help you discover the type of jewellery which is best for you. This includes pre-selecting jewellery which we think offers a favourable ratio of quality to price, and which is easy and practical to wear.

Find Out More About Us
To find out more about us, our jewellery, our coins, jewellery advice, information about coins, and much more, click on the "Home" button at the top right of this page. This will load the front page of our site, and make our site easier to navigate.

Other Blackpool Jewellers
At the last count, we reckoned about 50 entries for Blackpool jewellers in the PrestonYellow Pages. We can't think of one to compare with our prices and the quality of our diamond rings. the Lowest Possible Price

32 - 36 Harrowside, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1RJ, England.
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